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Cambodian Immigrant’s Needs and Human Services

What can you do to assist Pareth in her goals while respecting her culture and the needs of her family?

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Assisting Pareth

Human services professionals assist clients from diverse backgrounds to realize their goals. As a social worker, I have a big obligation to assist Pareth in her goals. To begin with, continuous mentoring and provision of appropriate resources will ensure the client realizes her objectives. It will be necessary to respect Pareth’s rights to confidentiality and privacy (National Organization for Human Services, 2015). It will also be inappropriate to portray my personal biases. This approach should be used to educate, guide, and mentor the client so that she can support her siblings and mother. I will also liaise with different organizations to ensure she gets a job.

Empowering the client is another powerful strategy towards supporting the needs of the family. Pareth’s mother will be encouraged to join the targeted classes. By so doing, the family will sustain itself and eventually achieve its goals. Grants, publications, and case materials should be available to every member of the family (Diller, 2015). A positive relationship will be established to support Pareth’s learning process.

Connection Between Goals and Cultural Aspects

Many Cambodian families believe in success, honor, and respect. This cultural aspect will ensure every person is respected and guided (Diller, 2015). Parents are expected to mentor and guide their children. Pareth, on the other hand, must show respect and promote the best communication channels with her mother. Her siblings should also respect Pareth because she is their older sister. I will follow such cultural values to ensure the family members support each other in an attempt to record positive results.

The religious beliefs of the Cambodians should be taken seriously (“Cambodian culture,” 2017). Prayers will be used to support the goals of these clients. I will not portray my personals values or biases throughout the process. These cultural issues will guide the nature of problem-solving, empowerment, and decision-making. Consequently, every family member will feel empowered and eventually realize his or her goals.

Ethical responsibilities to the family and Pareth?

As a human services professional, it will be appropriate to respect the expectations and rights of the targeted family. Social workers should follow specific ethical guidelines whenever addressing the needs of their clients. The first ethical responsibility to Pareth and the family is respecting the existing cultural beliefs. This consideration is necessary towards fostering cooperation, preventing conflicts, and improving the process. Before initiating the service delivery process, I will obtain informed consent from the members of the family (National Organization for Human Services, 2015). This practice is necessary for promoting the best relationship with the client. The other ethical consideration is upholding the individuals’ rights to confidentiality. The practice has the potential to maximize the commitment of the clients.

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It will be my duty to act professionally whenever helping members of this family. By so doing, the safety, welfare, and needs of the fair members will be put into consideration. It will be wrong and unethical to form a romantic relationship with any of the family members. Instead, I will identify the major problems affecting the individuals and offer evidence-based support (Diller, 2015). Specific values such as integrity, security, confidentiality, and safety will guide my practice throughout the process. These ethical considerations are relevant towards promoting the concept of professionalism. Social services workers who embrace these ethical approaches will find it easier to support their clients and record positive outcomes (Diller, 2015). This fact explains why the outlined ethical responsibilities will define my professional philosophy.


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