Cargo Crimes and Threats: GAO Report

The worldwide supply chain comprises of a wide range of infrastructures that are used for transport. This includes ports, railways, and airlines that all make up the supply chain. All these infrastructures are interconnected such that they all work together for faster transport of goods. Supply chain means the transport system. This makes trade easier world wide. This has greatly contributed to globalization. Thieves and terrorists have taken advantage of this to carry out their missions. This has raised the level of insecurity.

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Terrorists now find an easier way to transport their weapons on cargos. Thieves, on the other hand, have been involved in attacking goods that are being transported worldwide for trade. This makes the business people count great losses. The interconnection of infrastructure and the transportation of goods and people for trade purpose have brought about globalization. Crimes have been spreading in the society rapidly. This has affected the transport section which is important for both economic and social development. Mass movement of people and goods for trade has led to increased in crimes like drug trafficking, cargos theft and terrorism (Ritter, Barrett and Wilson, 2007).

Before September 11, 2001 attacks, people who were working in airlines were expected to act as security observers but they were not adequately trained on these roles. They were unable to detect dangerous weapons that were often carried by passengers or in their goods. This was because the workers were poorly paid thus it led to employment of untrained workers. The access points were not as secure as the government would have wanted. Before the attacks, agents used law enforcement budges to gain access to the secure areas.

These agents would have carried dangerous weapons with them. There were no regulations regarding workers, travelers, and their cargos. Transport systems have been growing rapidly due to the increased demand for transits of both people and cargos (U.S. Customs & Border Protection, n. d). This has called for a more effective security sector in the transport industry. This is because terrorism, theft of cargos and crimes has also increased. Police officers have been faced with a lot of duties to carry out in the transport sector to ensure security.

After September 11, 2001 Americans realized they were not secure. This called for the Americans to check on their security and in particular on transport systems especially airlines.

Security guidelines were set and are being implemented. CCTV cameras have been placed in the buildings to keep track of people entering the buildings. Airlines have been very first to upgrade their security because terrorists used airplanes during the attacks.

Background checks on passengers and their cargos have been put in place and are carried out with seriousness. There has been an effort to improve security in the transport sector. This has not been easy because the rate of globalization is high. There has been a challenge in maintaining security. Police force has been increased in number. Police force covers all the entry points and conduct checks accordingly. They also do escort all the dignitaries in the terminals to ensure their security. The police force has been trained on how to handle all types of crimes discovered in the transport systems. In the marine terminals police officers are placed to check and investigate on cargo theft, counterfeits transportation, and pirates (Clutterbuck, 1990).

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