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Caring, Professional Identity, and Professional Organizations in Nursing


Nursing is a career tasked with the provision of the upkeep for the ailing and the feeble. Caring is generally defined as the ethical model of nursing enshrined with the safeguarding, improving, and conserving dignity of the people. Caregiving and nursing care get employed interchangeably on the caring concept. Outstandingly, the thought of care can thus be regarded as one of the slightest implicit fields of nursing. The self-motivated principle that makes nursing an essential sector emanates from its caring characteristic (Cherry & Jacob, 2016).

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Consequently, the discussion of nursing and caring has continually been done synonymously. The objective of nursing is positioned towards helping the sick and weak attain a greater notch of accord within the body, mind, and soul. This is gained as a result of undertaking caring roles and transpersonal compassionate association during a real occurrence of care. This paper aims to discuss caring, the professional identity of nursing, and the inherent specialized organizations in the field of nursing. Due to the numerous ways of describing caring from the diverse exemplars, the context utilized in this excerpt is about nursing.

The Belief of Caring in Nursing

There is a belief that a transpersonal nurse should endeavor to embrace and connect with the souls of the clients via the healing and caring practices. Notably, it is deemed that caring in nursing occurs whenever there is an establishment of patient-nurse interaction. The nurse comes into the sphere of the patient to discern the patient to be a caring individual (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). Consequently, the caring nature of nursing is revealed from epistemology. The virtue also brings a change in the well-being of the patient.

Notably, it is believed that caring can happen without attaining the curing, but vice versa can never ensue. Through that credence, the nurses remain optimistic that they care and add to the well-being of the patients. It is also a belief that every nurse should have immense commitment and hope as they are vital components of the caring process (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). The patient requires hope to remain optimistic about the situation; hence the nurse has to work hard in offering this support. Therefore, hope is steered by the commitment of the nurses to their clientele. Additionally, it is marred with prejudiced ethics and beliefs that are nurtured in nurses.

Professional Identity in Nursing

The key professional identity for every nurse is internalizing the integral moral code of conduct, outlooks, and core values in the art of nursing. The underlying essential values are embraced in all dimensions while endeavoring to improve the health condition of the ailing and encourage the principles of the nursing career (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). The nurse should be committed to advocating for access to enhanced health facilities, optimal service delivery, and sustainability and evolution of nursing occupation. As a team member of the caregiving sector, every staff should strive to be devoted to evidence-oriented caring, practice, and superior well-being care. Additionally, advocacy is necessitated for the provision of the best fitness care for the assorted victims and families.

Professional Associations in Nursing

Nursing organizations are establishments that offer individual and career advancement of followers as well as the overall development within the occupation. Career progress in nursing is a critical lifetime erudition where the nurses get involved in the development and up-keeping competency, thereby promoting the specialized practice in nursing and supporting attainment of professional objectives. It is important to join associations related to the nursing profession as it is a perpetually dynamic field (“You should join a Nursing Organization. Here’s why.”, 2020). The institutions enable the nursing personnel to remain updated on the prevailing practices. They also empower nurses in reading works from their counterparts in the field, thus getting to know the perception of other health facilities globally towards the advancement and innovations in the care of patients.

Every individual in the nursing sector aspires to join a professional organization to benefit from the inherent immense information, resources, and prospects. One such organization in the eagerness of attaining membership is the ANA (American Nurses Association). Through this association, workplace rights will be safeguarded and benefit from the creation of awareness on the regulation of diversified health care concerns. Moreover, the NLN (National League for Nursing) will be of vital importance. There will be the provision of career development, schmoozing prospects, and grants for nursing study, testing services, and its eminent community program initiatives. Through its core values of diversity, caring, excellence, and integrity, the nursing training will be represented in the organizations of advanced schooling and health care institutions.

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Nursing is a key field in the health career for both researchers and educationalists. Caring is the core model in the field of nursing. Remarkably, caring enhances the saving of the lives of patients as well as expressing commitment and trust to the families, personnel, and patients. On the other hand, it has been outlined that professional identity is of great impeding importance for the learners in the field and the resolution of the challenges attributed to the health backgrounds. Despite the two highlighted professional organizations, there are many more associations for the nurses. It is essential to join all the associations linked to your specialty to enjoy their countless benefits, not limited to education, networking, certifications, practice-related newsletters, and the support of the nursing career.


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