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Central Los Angeles Community Assessment

Elimination Patterns of the Community

  • Traffic: traffic jams, noise, exhaust gas
  • Tourism: a lot of visitors
  • High costs of living: food, accommodation, public transport
  • Urban ecology: dirty streets and water and air pollution
  • Homeless: crime and health problems

Los Angeles Traffic is considered as the worst in the world. Even people who do not use a car are suffering from it due to the high noise level and pollution. Los Angeles is a world touristic center which attracts a lot of visitors which makes a city overcrowded. Another elimination pattern is high costs of living in the city. It was estimated that on the average, a family should have an income of $6,157 a month to live in the city. Los Angeles is a city with a high level of pollution. City’s beaches are considered as one of the most polluted. Air smog is another ecological problem of Los Angeles. Finally, the city is characterized by a high number of homeless people which is dangerous concerning health and crime problems (Los Angeles Times, 2017).

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Activity/Exercise of the Community

  • Hollywood: Walk of Fame, universal studios and excursions
  • Children activities: Disneyland
  • Sport: cycling, sport centers and studios
  • Beaches: swimming, sun baths, surfing
  • Entertainment: cultural events, concerts, night clubs, disco
  • Education: museums, observatory, historical sites, theatres.

Central Los Angeles is a vibrant city area with a lot of entertainment activities. A lot of them are connected to the Hollywood. Excursions and University studios will be interesting for children and adults. Disneyland is another popular place for children entertainment. Los Angeles has a lot of beaches and is considered as a world center of surfing. People, who like sport doings, could cycle or roller-skate along the seaside. In the city there are a lot of different sport studios. Night life of Central Los Angeles is vibrant and includes entertainments of different kind. Besides, a city provides an opportunity for self education: Griffith observatory, theaters and museums are open for visitors (“Things to do in Los Angeles,”2017).

Community and Community Boundaries

  • Area: 57.87 square miles, 26 neighborhoods
  • Population: 836,638 in 2000
  • Ethnicity: White, Black, Asian, Hispanic people
  • Demography: median age is 34.1, approximately equal males and females
  • Housing: 81.4 rental.

Central Los Angeles is an area in the city which consist of 26 neighborhoods and covers an area of 57.87 square miles. In 2000, the population of Central Los Angeles was 836,638. A wide range of nationalities live in Los Angeles: White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, and others. In central part of the city mostly White and Latino people (“Central L.A.,” 2017). The average age of people is 34.1, which is 3% lower than in California region (“Los Angeles demographics profile,” 2017). In the city, live an approximately equal amount of men and women. The majority of people (81.4%) live in rented accommodation, and 18.6% of the population has their own housing.

The People and the Geographic Features of the Community

  • Climate: Mediterranean, dry and hot summer, rainy and warm winter
  • Send beaches
  • Landscape: mountain ranges and peaks, Los Angeles basin, arid area
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Celebrities: Hollywood stars and other famous people

Los Angeles lies between two mountain ranges in the valley (Los Angeles Basin). In Central part of the city there are no mountain peaks. A climate in the city is Mediterranean with hot and dry summer and rainy and warm winter. In average, the city has 284 sunny days in a year. Los Angeles is famous for its sandy beaches. The central city part lies in the arid area (“Geographical features in Los Angeles,” n.d.). People speak two major languages: English and Spanish. The majority of the population speaks both languages region (“Los Angeles demographics profile,” 2017). Also, a lot of celebrities live and work in the central part of Los Angeles.


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