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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Job Description

A Registered Nurse Anesthetist is a nursing professional who administers health care services to patients. Registered Nurse Anesthetists are also known as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and may offer be basic or specialized services as dictated by the needs of patients (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). Typically, different states use different standards to guide the work done by Registered Nurse Anesthetists. Depending on the existing circumstances, the services may be given at different locations, including a patient’s home.

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The duties of a Registered Nurse Anesthetist are varied and include the provision of anesthesia as well as other critical health care services before a patient is taken in for a surgical operation or any other procedure. Normally, the Registered Nurse Anesthetist is required to continue offering these services during, and even after the surgery is done. He or she is expected to spend enough time with the patient to discuss important issues, including medication and any special considerations for the patient.

This is all done to ensure a smooth administration of anesthesia. Once the Registered Nurse Anesthetist is convinced that all critical requirements have been addressed, he or she may proceed with the administration of the anesthesia. Depending on the matter at hand, the anesthesia may be generalized or directed to a specific part of the patient’s body that has to be treated. For the entire period of the operation, the Registered Nurse Anesthetist has to be around to monitor the condition of the patient and make adjustments if considered necessary to ensure the safety of the patient throughout the process.

Like other Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, Registered Nurse Anesthetists are expected to obtain details about the medical history of a patient, undertake a physical examination of their patients, monitor and diagnose the health condition of patients, analyze results of requested diagnostic tests, and give patients medication and treatment based on the outcome of the analysis (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). Where necessary, Registered Nurse Anesthetists may consult with doctors or other professionals on important matters regarding the state of a patient. They are also expected to be qualified enough to effectively manage medical equipment. To keep abreast with the changes in the industry and to ensure continual growth in the profession, Registered Nurse Anesthetists must also be actively involved in research activities.

Education, Registration, and Certification

To be a qualified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, one must be a holder of at least a master’s degree from a recognized academic institution (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). Typically, the academic program includes both theory and practical clinical experience. Even though a master’s degree is sufficient for one to practice as a Registered Nurse Anesthetist, some people choose to go for a doctor of nursing degree.

Besides the above requirements, every Registered Nurse Anesthetist is expected to have a practicing license, successfully go through a graduate program, and excel in a national certification exam. Usually, the practicing license is issued by the state to which a person belongs. The state examination is, however, not necessary in some states like Florida (Florida Health Careers, 2009). This notwithstanding, all applicants in Florida must have a license that permits them to practice as registered nurses besides meeting other critical requirements. Ordinarily, certification is issued as proof of one’s level of competency as a Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

The National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists certifies Registered Nurse Anesthetists and is responsible for offering the certification examinations. Ostensibly, the board expects all Registered Nurse Anesthetists to be recertified at the end of every two years. Other professional institutions responsible for the certification of registered nurses include the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the Pediatric Nurse Certification Board.

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Arguably, the employment of Registered Nurse Anesthetists is expected to continue rising, unlike other professions. This is linked to the fact that the needs in the health care sector are continually growing and the number of those able to access health care services is also going up as a result of increased access to health insurance services. There has also been increased public awareness of the work carried out by Registered Nurse Anesthetists. Consequently, the population of individuals sourcing health care services from Registered Nurse Anesthetists has tremendously grown.

Because of the increased needs in society, it is widely believed that employment for nursing practitioners will be quite rewarding in the future. In the state of Florida, for example, the number of nursing practitioners has been going up every year at a very high rate when compared to other professions (Florida Health Careers, 2009). Ostensibly, the health care sector is expected to generate the highest number of employment opportunities by the year 2022 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013).

Professional Activities

Registered Nurse Anesthetists are allowed to join different professional bodies as they continue with their practice. The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists is a professional body that was created to meet the needs of Registered Nurse Anesthetists. Among other things, being a member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists provides Registered Nurse Anesthetists with an opportunity to network with other professionals, to learn and to grow in the profession.

The association advises its members and informs them of any upcoming events including conferences, workshops, and seminars. Members also get an opportunity to learn about new developments in the field of anesthesia, and this enables them to be on par with other professionals in the sector. It also helps them to know about available opportunities in case one wants to further his or her career as a Registered Nurse Anesthetist. On 12th July 2014, the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists organized a business conference for its members as part of its duty to the members (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, 2014). The key agenda of the conference was to equip Registered Nurse Anesthetists with essential skills for effectiveness in different operating environments.

Reflection and Personal Career Plan

I am in nursing practice by choice, and I desire to excel and be the best in the sector. With the background I have in the nursing practice, I believe that I have all it takes to delight clients with excellent services. I am determined to meet all the requirements in ordered to become a qualified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, and I am certain that sooner than later, I will be where I want to be.

Considering that the future of Registered Nurse Anesthetists is quite bright, I hope to further strengthen my career in nursing by pursuing a doctor of nursing degree. As a qualified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with rich practical experience in the field, I am assured of delivering high-quality services to all my clients. I also intend to dedicate part of my time to research as I teach young professionals aspiring to be of service to the health care sector.


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