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Change Implementation and Management Experience

Implementing Changes

I have always been ready for changes, especially if I understand that the change can help me develop. When I was a high school student, we used to fulfill a variety of projects in groups. One project was concerned with an analysis of a particular job. All students divided their tasks into parts and started working on their interests. I was the leader of my group, and I decided to change the conventional approach. I wanted all students in my group to find a number of sources, and I wanted all of them to spend a working day with a receptionist in a hotel. However, three students from my group did not want to change the conventional approach. Only one student supported me, and I failed to convince the three other students.

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Now I think the chart provided by Gregory (2008) could help me convince the students. I could have asked the questions presented in the graph. I could have worked out specific strategies to talk the student’s in as I could have understood why they were resistant. Moreover, if I had had the reading, I would have used some strategies depicted in the book. Thus, I would have implemented a reverse debate to make Resistors understand the effectiveness of the change. I think I could have made them the Early Majority.

There was another case when I was almost a Resistor to a change initiated by our teacher. The difference was concerned with a new format of debates, which we used to have. I was against the new approach as I did not see the reason why something had to be changed. However, the teacher made me see positive outcomes of the change as I noticed that the new format really worked in another class (it was even more effective than the one we had during our studies), and I accepted the new approach. Eventually, I was glad that the changes had taken place as the new format proved to be better.

Managing Change

I believe technology should be extensively used during classes. However, my colleagues often resist such an innovation as they think the use of technology distracts students from the tasks. Some teachers are against the use of the Internet during classes. However, I believe it is essential for many disciplines.

I would start a debate concerning the use of the Internet during classes. I would talk to each member of staff separately, perhaps, during an unofficial talk. I would communicate with supporters of this idea, and I would share experiences. I could attend some classes with my colleagues. I would try to support those who are ready for the change but have some doubts or face certain constraints. I would articulate the benefits of the use of the Internet. I would help work out particular strategies to use to adopt the new approach. I would also try to contact teachers from different schools who use the Internet during their classes. I would also communicate with the Early Majority as viewpoints of this group become decisive (Gregory, 2008). After this, I would initiate meetings where this particular issue could be discussed. I do not think one session would be enough. A number of meetings should be carried out. At that, during these meetings, those who use the new approach should take a stand. It could be useful to ask the Resistors to attend classes where the Internet is used.

I think this process of change would be successful. In the first place, the use of technology has already proved to be effective. Secondly, the process of change would be assisted, so-to-speak. In other words, I will help people adopt the new approach by making them understand that this change will have positive outcomes. I will enable my colleagues to accept the change.

Reference List

Gregory, G.H. (2008). Differentiated instructional strategies in practice: Training, implementation, and Supervision. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

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