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Channels and Intermediaries in Marketing

The marketing plan of the company will involve direct contact between our official representatives and the clients since we provide a service. And this service is such that we collaborate with different suppliers to provide us with office use materials, equipment, and furniture which can be effectively designed for a green and environmentally friendly workplace.

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However, the above strategy will be used for clients within the US since we have resources to cover this area. When it comes to cross-national clients, our organization is at a loss of providing complete service as our resources are limited to the US, and expanding further in the initial phase will be costly and unfeasible without a creating good brand name first. However since many of our expected clients would have offices around the world that would require ‘greening’, we will offer them support by becoming a supplier of green products rather than the designer. Since we would have contracts for office materials and equipment from Corland, Voltaic, and Picard, we can guarantee our overseas offices that they at least get quality ‘green products’ from us. This foreign strategy will create an intermediary for firms that can implement the green design by using our procured materials.

Environmental degradation is an alarming fact that is fast overtaking other problems on earth and it’s the moral duty of every person and entity to protect it. Many people already know this situation for a fact while most people acknowledge that something needs to be done to solve this issue. On this basis of this exploratory research, the promotion campaign for Greenomics will start with aggressive media coverage to raise the conscience of people to adopt a greener way of living and working. Since people already know how much harm is being caused by our routine life, all we need to do is motivate these people just a little more so that they decide on green living.

The initial phase of the promotion campaign before the launch of the service will be generic i.e. rather than promoting Greenomics it will focus on making the people feel the need to change their lifestyles towards all green things. This initial phase will make use of TV time slots and newspaper ads.

The second phase of the promotion strategy will begin will the launch of the service. In this phase, generic marketing will be removed and in place, a complete company-focused strategy will be adopted. By creating awareness and raising conscience, people by this time would be looking for firms that can make their workplaces greener. Thus the second phase will inform the services Greenomics performs and how it would benefit the clients and the environment. As mentioned before, Greenomics will be collaborating with suppliers like New Zealand’s Beauty Engineered Forever, Belgium’s Ecover and Corland, Voltaic, and Picard, media campaigns will see a lot of brand association with these companies. This would be a strategic move to attract customers of these companies to become directly associated with Greenomics. Another part of this phase will be to use celebrity endorsements from both the business world and the entertainment world since celebrities tend to be great role models for others.

All the strategies described above will be complemented by electronic and print media. The electronic media will focus on TV spots as well as placing our company’s ads on websites. Although using TV commercials is an expensive alternative to other forms of marketing channels, it is one channel through which an extremely large proportion of the target market can be covered within seconds. Television advertisements will highlight the environmental problem and then offer a solution in the form of Greenomics while at the same time emphasizing the benefits a client can reach in the form of lower costs for cooling and heating while creating a positive image for the client.

In the initial phase, the emphasis on print media would be given to newspapers as they are a good source of creating awareness due to their vast coverage and wide readership. In the second phase, print media will be more linear towards ads in leading environmental, interior design, and office magazines as a source of target marketing. An important part of giving advertisements in magazines would be attaching discount coupons in them. Although this method is widely used to promote sales in the home-consumer sector, we would implement this technique on a trial basis for corporate users as well to see how the reaction towards this scheme turns out. If the response is negative, this scheme will be discontinued within the first three months.

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Another form of advertisement will come through mobile advertisement coverage which will be given in the form of our branded logistic trucks with the company’s name and contact information printed boldly along the sides. Since our trucks will be traveling from location to location all day long, the viewership of the company brand is an important tool.

For sales promotion apart from magazine coupons, Greenomics will have a large sales force that would sell the service to corporate clients. Business meetings will be initiated by the sales team and by offering yearly contracts and other discounts, deals will be closed. Over time the need to initiate these meetings will reduce as our brand will become more prominent and people will ask for our service themselves this sales force can be reduced if a need arises to reduce costs.

As mentioned before, public relations play a vital role in this business and we would aim to create a great PR with the help of trained staff and by hiring known employees. This was we will get a big client base from the start and operations would be easier this way.

The critical success factors are listed below which were considered the most important in gauging the effectiveness of the company and they are listed alongside the regular periods they will be monitored at.

CSFs Monitor Periods
New Clients Monthly
Sales Revenue Quarterly
Sales Force Size Quarterly
Expenses Quarterly
Complaints Monthly

Organizational Chart

The company will be highly structured from the start to keep it under centralized control. The organizational chart that will be implemented would have four departments controlled by a CEO. All departments will be led by a managing director under which numerous employees will work as per the need of the department.

Organizational chart (CEO)
Figure 1. Organizational chart (CEO)

The Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart shows the duration of times it takes for activities to start and finish. About the marketing plan under construction, the activity times are shown below.

The marketing plan under construction
Figure 2. The marketing plan under construction


Kerin, J and Berkowitz, J. (2006). Marketing 8th Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing.

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