Chapter 4 of “Your Inner Fish” by Neil Shubin

Neil Shubin is one of the most famous biologists and paleontologists of the modern world. His works, “Your Inner Fish,” especially attract readers’ attention and positive feedbacks of critics not only by their strong theoretical basis, a wide variety of evidence and support, and well-developed structure but also by the style they are written in. In other words, books by Neil Shubin are directed not solely at the scientific audience and specialists and paleontology but rather at the wide circle of readers who will undoubtedly understand his manner of writing. The complex issue of the origin of species and the development of genes is presented by Neil Shubin with perfect simplicity. Chapter 4 of “Your Inner Fish Shubin” demonstrates this and touches upon one of the most important biological processes in the human body.

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In more detail, Chapter 4, titled “Teeth Everywhere,” is the reflection of the scientific data and author’s ideas about the processes of making teeth, breasts in human beings, and feathers, scales, or other phenomena in animals fish, and birds. According to Shubin (2008), all these processes are similar in their nature, and their only difference is the variety of species and their distinguishing features. Thus, Shubin brings evidence from the paleontology research that proves the similarity between fish fins and human arms, between the processes that operate human and fish eyes and ensure the performance of brains of all species. Drawing from this, Shubin (2008) states the presence of “inner fish” in every human being. The author also argues that all the other forms of life on the Earth derived from the first jawless fish that inhabited earth at the initial stages of its development. Thus, Chapter 4 of work by Shubin is a reliable and brilliant source of information in biology, anatomy, and origin of species. It is written in simple language allowing all readers to comprehend it.

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