Clinx Clinic’s Structure and Operations Plan

My medical practice area is that of a privately-owned clinic. This clinic will be located in the State of Florida in the United States. The customer type for my clinic will be patients and those people who need medical consultation. My stakeholders will be the local government, the ministry of public health, other clinicians and my customers or clients. My strategic partners will include the major hospitals, labor unions and pharmaceuticals. The mission of my clinic will be to heal where others try while the vision will be to become the most reliable and trusted clinic in the State of Florida. The corporate status of my clinic will be a profit-based organization. The core values of the organization will be honesty, professionalism, diligence, hard work, respect of human dignity and conservation of our environment

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Organizational Structure for My Clinic

Organizational Structure for My Clinic

One year’s budget for my clinical practice

Item Description Amount in USD Anticipated Revenue
Startup Requirements 20 rooms Apartment rent for 1 year 60,000 Revenue from consultancy and service delivery

500, 000

Expenses One years’ salary for employees
Utilities like water, electricity and tax payment
60, 000

20, 000

Capital Items Screening machines and equipments
ICT infrastructure
200, 000
40, 000
20, 000
Total 400,000

I plan to prevent medical malpractices by ensuring that each and every employee strictly adheres to the code of conduct of the medical profession. Each will be expected to maintain high standards of integrity. I will also ensure that I have in place an organizational culture which upholds best practices so that the employees will not be supervised every now and then. I will also put in place an open policy whereby the customers will have an avenue to report any kind of medical malpractice without the fear of victimization. This will scare away any defiant staff who may be tempted to engage in fraudulent schemes, both internally and externally (Keir, 2008).

I plan to increase revenue collection through establishment of mobile services. This will entail taking healthcare services, including treatment, screening and therapy to the homes of particular patients who for one reason or the other are not able to come to the facility. This will ensure that my revenue bracket will be expanded. I plan to reduce bad debt by ensuring that there is a proper plan of what constitutes essential and non essential costs, and ensure that the plan is strictly adhered to.

The typical patient experience will be one that leaves a lasting impression due to the manner in which they will be handled. As mentioned in the practice definition, one of the core values to guide the practice will be professionalism. The patients will be given priority at all accounts and no gambling will be entertained when dealing with the patients. Patients form the backbone of the practice and without them; the practice would not exist in the first place (Balestracci & Barlow, 1996). The patients will be handled with utmost care to ensure that they not only feel at the correct facility but also feel as if they are at home.

The practice will be based on the principle of learning and continuous improvement. The practice will do a SWOT analysis so as o identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The strengths of the practice will be measured against the other similar practices in the region and see how the strengths can be applied to put the practice above par with other similar practices. The weaknesses of the practice will be assessed so as to establish what really the real challenges are and what can be done to overcome them. The practice will also endeavour to establish the opportunities for growth for the practice and the best strategies of applying the same. The practice will have in place a robust strategy of identifying the threats and how to convert them to opportunities.

In regards to compliance to ethics and quality, the practice will have in place very strict adherence to all the ethics of the profession and also respect the right of the patients to get the best quality of services. In order to improve on quality, the organization will introduce a training system, which will be employee tailored. There will be training for the nurses, the clinicians and the administrators on how to improve on quality. Each of them will be trained on service delivery as well as on team work and how to relate well with others in the workplace. The overall objective will be to create an organizational culture which will enhance learning from each other so as to improve the quality of services offered by the organization on the long run (Breen, 2010).

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I plan to market the practice through the use of the local and international media. The local news channels and radio stations will air advertisements on frequent basis for a period of at least one year. I will also create a website for the practice where all information about the practice will be posted. The practice will also employ other marketing strategies such as differentiation and positioning based on the business environment at any given time (Charyulu, 2011).


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