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Cognitive Development: Piaget and Vygotsky

Being a teacher who is able to maintain his or her students’ efforts to gain and develop a particular skill is not quite an easy task. I should have an in-depth understanding of how to provide students with the continuous and necessary support, which will result in significant achievements of pupils. Hence, it is essential to have a vision of how students grow and obtain experience with the flow of time. In this paper, the discussion on what actions might be vital for me as a teacher to undertake to enhance the pupils’ development will be provided.

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First of all, I am to figure out the way my students develop in order to adapt the educational process to relevant needs reasonably and apply an individual approach to each of them. Piaget created an important theory of cognitive development that may be useful in dealing with the mentioned issue.

Keeping in mind Piaget’s four stages, I might modify the supporting process over time. For instance, the strategy being applied during the concrete operational stage should be changed during the formal operational one as the latter requires more emphasis on complicated social, moral, and philosophical issues (Johnson, 2014). It might be supposed that the teacher may obtain many benefits from such a reliable theory.

Furthermore, the mentioned above concept might help me to develop various particular skills among my students. For instance, if I would like to improve their critical thinking, I should take into account the cognitive peculiarities of children that depend on age. That is, during their concrete operational stage, I have to provide them with concrete objects to visualize and fasten a critical and coherent train of thought (Johnson, 2014). When the formal operational stage takes place, I should give my pupils more complicated and ambiguous tasks as children get the ability of abstract thinking and sophisticated perception.

To sum everything up, the classroom tutor’s duties cannot be characterized as simple and uncomplicated. In contrast, I should develop a remarkable strategy of progress for students using an individual approach. The foundation for adapting this strategy might be Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, which will contribute to the understanding of pupils’ needs and finding a way to improve their skills. The Piaget’s stages may help to identify obstacles that the teacher and students should overcome together.


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