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Communication in Relationships

Communication is the giving, receiving, and the responding of messages between two or more people. It comes handy in the area of peoples’ interaction because without it, interaction may be totally impossible. It forms the basis of the prevailing relationships, particularly love relationships. In fact Segal says, “Good communication is the foundation of successful relationships, both personally and professionally (Para. 1). Communication may be verbal, using words, or nonverbal, using symbols. These symbols range from gestures, humor, eye contact, and touching, among others. In their relationships, men and women employ different communication styles, like nodding of their heads, among others, some of which strengthen, while others damage the relationships as explained next.

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On the issue of the communication styles, Lieberman comes in handy to highlight how these styles differ for both men and women. He makes it clear that there are some styles depicted by men, though associated with women, and vice versa. However, there are others, which are purely attributed to women or men. For instance, He says, “At meetings women nod their heads to show they are listening… men only nod their heads when they agree. If a woman is speaking and she doesn’t see his head nod as he listens, she assumes he either disagrees or is not listening” (Para. 12). While women will prefer exposing their problems, or their need for a particular decision, to other women, men on the other hand will keep the nuisance for themselves because they rarely recognize the reason behind sharing each others’ burdens. In addition, while women tend to base their relationships on commonness, rather than dominance, men’s relation is founded on the one-up one-down criterion. In the process of communication, if a woman differs with another, the disagreement ends up interfering with every other feature of the relationship and may take time before healing, while men’s disagreement is temporary and affects no aspect of the relationship. As aforementioned, communication is either verbal or nonverbal.

There exist different types of verbal communication. For instance, written communication. This form is presented inform of notes mostly in relationships and businesses. Electronic is another form that employs letters or notes and following some set rules, they are transferred from a person or people to other(s). Text messaging, though current, is another form that involves the dispatching and receiving of brief messages through phones and other electronic gadgets. Spoken words also lie in this category of verbal communication. This involves purely speaking and can be face-to face or over the phones. Non-verbal communication methods include facial expressions, body movements and postures, gestures, eye-contact, touch, voice, among others. All these types serve specific nonverbal communication purposes. The latter form, voice, seems ambiguous with spoken form that lies in the category of verbal communication. It is worthy noting that a wordless voice can be used as a way of communicating. There are some styles that damage relationships while others strengthen it.

According to Miracle, Miracle, and Baumeister, “Happily married couples…tend to use constructive tactics. …couples headed to divorce use…destructive tactics” (489). This makes it clear that some applied styles are relationship friendly while others are relationship enemies. The aforementioned people come in handy in clarifying these styles. According to them, Validation, which consists of unity when solving relationship disputes, is a worthy imitating style (489). In addition, employing a dialogue based on passion as well as agreeing on how and when to disagree, are beneficial communication styles. However, Criticism, defense, contempt, among others, are styles that damage relationships.

In conclusion, communication turns out to be both essential and harmful. In the field of relationship, it the style of communication, that tells whether the relationship is being constructed or not. These styles may be applied either verbally or non-verbally, but whichever way, they will have to affect the relationship and thus, it is upon the couples to choose on which styles they wish to apply. Whether to damage or strengthen their relationship is their own decision because the styles, as aforementioned, are clear with there respective consequences attached therein.

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