Community Nursing: Miami, Florida, as an Aggregate


As the aggregate considered, Miami, Florida is taken as one of the interesting and attractive counties of the state. The study has made it possible to identify the main features that are typical for this district and find statistical data that are valuable parameters for the healthcare sector. The use of information may be useful for nursing practice since all the indicators are relevant. The natural conditions of analysis have contributed to obtaining a comprehensive picture and finding out the exact facts concerning the population of the aggregate and the conditions of residence in the given district.

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Aggregate Description

Miami is located in the south of the US, Florida. According to the latest data, the population of the aggregate is slightly more than 440,000 (“Miami, Florida population 2018,” 2018, para. 2). “For much of its early history, Miami was known as Biscayne Bay Country,” and this name remained unchanged until the end of the 19th century (“Miami, Florida population 2018,” 2018, para. 10). Most of the data are received from the website “Miami, Florida population 2018” (2018), and the main characteristics of the population can be displayed in the following table:

Criterion Indicator
Crude birth rate 11.5 per 1000 population (Miami Matters, 2018)
Infant mortality rate 5.2 per 1000 live births (Miami Matters, 2018)
Life expectancy 80.9
The leading cause of death Heart diseases
Racial/ethnic breakdown White people – 72.6%
African-American – 19.2%
Asian – 1.0%
Other races – about 8%
Population annual growth rate 1.47%
Households by type Married – 30.5%
Male – 6.9%
Female – 17.2%
Nonfamily – 45.4%
Graduate degree 9.6%
Average earnings $25,444
Poverty rate 27.63%
Marriage rate 34.1%
Labor force participation 61.5%

These statistics provide a comprehensive picture of the aggregate under consideration. It can be noted that health indicators are good enough, but the predominance of heart diseases requires increased attention to this issue. Also, the birth rate is not very high compared to previous years. In general, the indicators given demonstrate an acceptable standard of living for the population and people’s well-being regarding their social status.

Reasons for Selecting the Aggregate

This aggregate was chosen for analysis due to the fact that Miami is the place where I live; therefore, it causes me great interest in studying. Another good reason is to investigate the unit in terms of a professional approach with respect to indicators related to the health and well-being of citizens. The aforementioned statistics can be useful for nursing interventions aimed at improving the life quality of the population.

Ways of Collecting the Information

Most of the statistics were obtained using certain websites that describe the demographic parameters of Miami. Also, the study was carried out by me personally in the car when my friend and I drove around the district and recorded observations. Based on the information collected, the data can be used as a rationale for further work on policies to improve the living standards and health indicators of the local population.


Valuable information regarding the living conditions of people in the aggregate under consideration was obtained due to the natural circumstance of the study. According to statistical reports, additional measures can be taken to combat heart diseases as a major health problem. The standard of living of the population may be assessed as acceptable, and the relevant data can become the basis for nursing interventions aimed at eliminating specific issues.


Miami, Florida population 2018. (2018). Web.

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Miami Matters. (2018). Infant mortality rate. Web.

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