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Comparison of ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ and ‘Hit my Heart’


Music is an art. Listening to the music one may be captured in the absolutely new world where emotions and feelings have covered the whole space. Different music styles create absolutely different pictures in the human mind, but the reaction to the music is in most cases the same; it is satisfaction. The music may be created by means of different devices and influence people in dissimilar ways. Listening to two different songs, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse and Hit my Heart by Benny Benassi, it is crucial to mention that the difference is obvious. The images those pieces of music creation and the main impression those songs leave are varied.

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The dominant instruments in Muse’s song are drums and electric bass. The combination of those instruments creates the main melody in the song. It is the central part of the song and other melodies just surround it. Benny Benassi’s song mostly consists of drums and electronic music. There are two main melodies in the song which substitute each other during the song. The main difference between those two episodes in the music is the tempo and musical instruments. More dynamic music is supported with a great number of drums, while the slower pieces are not. Still, drums are the core instruments in both songs which carry the melody. Dwelling upon tempo in Benassi’s composition, it is crucial to notice that allegro replaces adagio and vice versa.

Tempo and dynamics

Turning to the words and music collation, it should be noted that the change of tempo and instrumentation in Benassi’s song is also supported with the word change. But, in Muse’s composition, the music does not change much with the change of the world where it should have been. A change of the instruments may be noticed but not the melody in Muse’s music. It is fascinating. The homophonic texture is noticed in both pieces of music. At the same time, the elements of additive texture are heard in Muse’s composition. The sounds are complex where decrescendo may be heard which, at the same time, is substituted for the crescendo.

Purposes of the songs

The problem of whether the songs pursue religious or secular purposes may be discussed perpetually as love is the notion that is vital in all spheres of human life. The purposes of those two songs are similar: they are aimed at showing humans suffering from love. The only difference in those songs is that they dwell upon male and female suffering, but it does not reduce the pain. Those who were hurt by their lovers ask, “Are you gonna break my heart? Are you gonna make me cry again?” (Benassi) and “Oh baby don’t you know I suffer? Oh baby can you hear me moan?” (Muse). The song evokes sad feelings as we all once were hurt, but at the same time, the feeling remains that everything is going to be great.


In conclusion, Benassi’s song may be understood only in one way, love is impossible without suffering. But, Muse’s composition gives the impression of at least two different themes, love pain and global environmental disasters. Listening to the piece of music, it is impossible to notice what is more dangerous, pain or world ruining. Both pieces of music were composed at the same period of time but the music styles are different. Supermassive Black Hole is a composition with rock elements, while Hit my Heart refers to electro music.

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