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Conflict Resolution: Conflict Prevention Methods

Due to human nature, people very often come into conflict with each other. Differences of opinion or personal problems can be a cause for such disputes. However, any collision can be avoided by using specially designed conflict prevention methods. This essay aims to analyze the current conflict situation and apply the proposed resolution process to it.

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The situation in which I participated as a witness serves as the basis for the analysis. The conflict arose due to disagreements regarding the further direction in one of the creative groups. The discussion was based on the schedule according to which the artists had to present their work. The leader of the artistic team insisted on strict discipline in the relationships between group members. Instead of maintaining the existing friendly atmosphere, the administrator tried to achieve a strict order.

In other words, she tried to turn the hobby of artists into unpaid work. From her point of view, an authoritarian communication style was used, as the leader appealed to her position. Thus, the administrator tried to solve the problem of dropped creativity. The members of the group, in turn, did not notice the problem of insufficient fulfillment of the plan, being distracted by communication with each other. When the administrator tried to instill discipline in the group, the creative team members began to actively defend their freedom, using a protective style of communication.

In the conflict described above, two main points led to the fact that the situation was never resolved. First of all, the administrator was unable to convey her point of view because she lacked communication skills. If she followed the precise structure of a pre-planned meeting, clearly demonstrating the existing problem, the situation could be solved positively (“Communication skills,” n.d.). On the other hand, the situation could have been fixed after it had arisen if each side followed an interest-based approach. Its main points are separating the problem from people, teamwork, and careful listening to the opposite side (“Conflict resolution,” n.d.). By taking into account the interests of both groups, the problem could be solved calmly and effectively.

Thus, any existing conflict can be both prevented in advance and eliminated after its appearance. In the first case, preparatory leadership work and honing communication skills are required. The second method is more complicated, as it requires attention to each other’s interests from the entire team. However, both approaches can be implemented for practical joint problem-solving.


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