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Conflict Style Assessment and Analysis

Conflict is one of the inevitable aspects of the professional environment. It is evident that good relationships in a team contribute to the effective performance of any company; that is why it is vital to know how to resolve any disputes. According to the test, my most prevalent conflict style is Compromiser. The tactic is the gradual reduction of interests to a general balance of forces and needs, which is possible only if the other participants are ready to make concessions. Researchers also note that this style is intermediate in both assertiveness and cooperativeness (Mabunga & Mabunga, 2019, p. 7). This type of behavior is characteristic of cautious people who think rationally and are focused on maintaining steady relationships to achieve common goals. For this reason, it can be assumed that this style is suitable for a professional environment since it not only satisfies the needs of each party, even though only moderately. It also provides an opportunity to move from a confrontation towards accomplishing the team’s objectives.

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However, there are also several disadvantages to this method of conflict resolution. For instance, it involves sacrifices on the part of each participant. Moreover, compromising requires having a clear understanding of the situation and the ability to provide a way that will satisfy everyone. In addition, this style equally involves the combination of individual and collective efforts. Therefore, it is necessary to possess good negotiation skills as well since without voluntary cooperation from both sides of the conflict it would be impossible to resolve it. For instance, in the case where managers have different plans on how to spend the company’s savings, a compromise would be to make budgets for every idea. They will be significantly less than the two parties initially wanted, but it can help to move past the conflict. Nevertheless, immediately resorting to finding a compromise would also be unnecessary in a professional environment. A compromise can reduce the tension in relationships; however, sometimes this result is only temporary. Therefore, this method is applicable in cases where “objectives are only somewhat important and disruption is the greater risk” (Hignite, Margavio & Chin, 2020, p. 319). That is why, before trying to provide a flexible solution, it is vital to discuss the problem and search for rational decisions that could resolve the issue at its root.


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