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“Conspiracy” by Frank Pierson

The movie Conspiracy introduced in the USA in 2000 is devoted to the disclosure of the Wannsee Conference being one of the most secret and mysterious historical meetings. The movie appeared to have ten nominations and it won two awards. It is important to stress that the storyline is aimed at showing the cruelty of “Jewish problem” approaches provided during the meeting; the basic aspects discussed at the conference and all its mysterious sides were outlined through the characters of the movie.

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Wannsee Conference was devoted to the determination of the principal methods used by the German government for Adolf Hitler’s policy execution. The purpose of the meeting was to make the sphere of influence in Germany free of Jews; the meeting united the representatives of various German agencies who arrived at the conference to seal the destiny of the Jews from the whole of Europe. It is necessary to note that the background of Conspiracy was the document disclosing the horrified and maniacal plan of Hitler; these facts were reflected in the Wannsee Protocol being found in the state Foreign Policy. The most bright and important members of the meeting were:

  • Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart; was considered to be the Secretary of State and Interior Ministry representative;
  • Dr. Friedrich Kritzinger; he was the Reich Chancellery State Secretary;
  • Reinhard Heydrich; the head of Moravia and Bohemia Protectorate;
  • Adolf Eichmann; the chief of Affairs office of Jews;
  • Gerhard Klopfer; was the representative of the Nazi Party Chancellery.

The film dived into the depth of meeting nature describing the attitude of conference members to the principal theme. The opening part and highlight of the meeting purpose were underlined by Heydrich. His speech was aimed at the significance of the Jewish problem faced by the German government; nevertheless, he was frequently interrupted by Kritzinger who considered the issue to be completely settled. The atmosphere of the conference was similar to that of administrative chaos. Klopfer described his perception of the Jews as subhuman beasts having no right to be related to the German state and culture. It is necessary to underline the fact that Stuckart stressed his attitude to the Jewish population underlining they’re clever and untrustworthy.

Wannsee Conference

Wannsee Conference appeared to be the meeting to give orders to the representatives of state agencies rather than a peaceful discussion of the problem. It is annoying that the conference members tried to find support in each other and differed in the vision of the situation but followed Hitler’s plan which was striking and shocking. The description of the method to use provided by Eichmann was aimed at Jews gassing. The Final Solution to the problem appeared to be the purge of the Jews from the whole of Europe.

The movie can be analyzed as the mirror of time; the methods aimed at the liquidation of the whole nation from Europe seem to be beyond understanding. The psychological side of the conference members can be hardly seen through their soulless and lack of pity. Hitler’s plan solution to the “Jewish problem” and the secrecy of the conference were under complete control. It should be noted that the movie director, Frank Pierson, tried to reflect the real atmosphere of the meeting rather than the historical dramatization of the event.

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