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“Contemporary Marketing” by Boone and Kurtz

“Contemporary marketing “written by Boone and Kurtz provides us with key marketing principles. The book covers the most up-to date issues including one-to-one marketing, customer care, strategic marketing as well as guerilla marketing among other topics. The book begins by giving the reader a concise definition of the term marketing as well as a brief explanation of the situations in the current world market place.

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The writer goes on to give the chronological account of the marketing disciple whereby he discusses different eras and their marketing myopia. The book gives a special attention to the characteristics of the current marketing. One of the aspects discussed in this book is how non-profit entities market themselves. In dealing with this aspect of marketing, the writer provides their audience with non –convectional marketing ideas.

In other words, he tells us more on the marketing of individuals, causes, societies as well as events. The writer also assigns more attention to social and ethical obligations of the marketing. The author goes on to examine, the marketing needs and shortcomings as result of the modern technological and global economy. In the same vein, the writer explores the links between marketing and other areas such as environmental management. In the end the author does a thorough analysis of the marketing strategy of various organizations based on their strengths and their weaknesses.

How the article of choice relates to what we have covered in class

This book covers most of what we have discussed in the class. It relates to what we have explored in the class especially on how to come up with good marketing strategies that can lead to a success in the market place. The content of the book also relates to what we have examined in relation to integrated marketing solutions as well as advertising approaches. Another key aspect of the book that relates to what we have covered in class is how it discusses the marketing environment.

The book covers nearly all dimensions of marketing environment such competitive, social-cultural, technological and political. The introduction of the internet in the marketing hold a very key position in the marketing and the book tackles a number of significant issues such as security of on-line payments, privacy of internet businesses as well as violations of copyright laws which we have also covered in the class (Boone & Kurtz, 2010). The book also deals with the impacts of market research in the global market and its eventual targeting and segmentation in respect to product improvement, place, pricing and promotion of which we have also covered in the class.


In my opinion the book sheds some light on crucial issues that are central to modern marketing including the up-and-coming of the global market as result of virtual, circulation, promotional, advertising and individual relations networks. This book is of special import to those who want to understand what they have learned in the class in relation to their future carriers in marketing. I agree with how the author has covered all tools of the marketing mix.

In this book, the author displays all the bases of marketing principles not forgetting the current trends and studies in the marketing. The message of the author is winning goods in the market arena are those that recognize their key strengths and capitalize on them to create a good relationship with their customers (Selden, 1997).

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Selden, P. (1997). Sales Process Engineering: A Personal Workshop. Milwaukee, WI: ASQ Quality Press, p. 23.

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