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Contemporary Nursing and Early Conceptualization

The role that conceptualization plays in the contemporary advanced nursing practice is immense and could hardly be denied. It is essential to mention that early conceptualization of nursing theory, which was implemented in the second half of 20th century by several scientists, to this day remains a profound basis for theorizing the advanced nursing practice. This paper aims to discuss two specific ways in which early conceptualization could be applied to contemporary nursing. In addition, one MSN essential will be observed in its relation to the topic of the analysis.

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First of all, it is important to mention three researchers who influenced the contemporary nursing theory the most: Ernestine Wiedenbach, Virginia Henderson, and Lydia Hall. This paper will focus on the conceptualizations of Ernestine Wiedenbach because she introduced the nursing science to ground-breaking ideas. She proposed that nursing should be perceived as a professional practice discipline, and thus the nursing practice theory should be elaborated. For this paper, two of her prescriptive theory’s conceptualizations will be discussed in their relation to the nursing practice. Firstly, Wiedenbach claimed that “the nurse’s central purpose in nursing is the nurse’s professional commitment” (Gordon, 2015, p. 57). Even though nurses have various values and commitments, they should all obey one primary purpose of nursing, which is to respect the dignity and individuality of each human being. Secondly, Wiedenbach suggested that nursing practice should be organized as a system with following components: the agent (nurse) and the recipient (patient), the framework (practice settings), the goal and the means to achieve it (Gordon, 2015). This conceptualization can be efficiently utilized in advanced nursing practice. Concerning MSN essential, which could be related to the topic, one could mention the organizational leadership, which is essential for clinical nurse leader practice (Bender, 2016).


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