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Continuous Medical Education and Its Importance


The improvement and development of healthcare and the development, implementation, and development of new technologies necessitate the progress of the professional level and qualifications of medical workers. Both the administration and the employees themselves are interested in this, as the quality of medical services requirements are steadily increasing. The issues of training, retraining, and advanced training of personnel in current conditions are becoming particularly relevant. In addition to the professional development of employees, it is essential that the training is practical and within the organization’s budget.

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Today, continuous medical education is of particular importance, which is a constant professional development of medical workers in order to improve the quality of medical care. Continuing medical education has a direct impact on the quality of medical services. It also affects the ability of a doctor to become part of the global medical space and to meet the level of their qualifications. When choosing a training cycle for an employee, the head of the clinic proceeds from the specific purpose of completing the courses. So, suppose some new technologies appear in the healthcare sector. In that case, it is necessary to send an employee in a particular direction in which changes have occurred to receive additional vocational education. Usually, such courses are short, and upon completion, the student is issued a certificate of completion.

There are many different courses for medical professionals. Each of these courses differs in the form of presentation of the material, time costs, and financial investments. Heads of institutions are obliged to train their staff, as innovative technologies require updating the knowledge base, but they are forced to select such courses that will not take a lot of time for a co-worker; the staff will receive the total amount of necessary information and will be profitable in terms of monetary costs.

My experience at UCLA Health was quite successful, as the management offered several training options to choose from. The organization provides instructor-supervised training, seminars held for one hour during lunch break, and 24/7 online training (UCLA Health). Undoubtedly, the combination of all courses gives a significant positive result, but still, the organization offered a choice of training so that employees could make the most of the opportunity to study and gain new knowledge.

One of the most cost-effective learning resources is online courses. This type of training allows an employee to study at any time of the day, free from work. In addition, since each employee is given access to previously recorded lectures, the organization can connect several people to training at once. Moreover, the organization does not need to pay for the time of a lecturer or instructor but buy a course and give access to any number of employees. This type of training is the most effective, financially profitable, and convenient.


In conclusion, employee training is currently one of the most necessary actions. New technologies, modern knowledge, and research make it possible to improve the level of qualification of employees, which is quite essential in healthcare. For the convenience of learning, various types of courses have been developed, ranging from classical lectures and seminars to online courses that are accessed 24/7. The choice of the most appropriate kind of training depends on the employment of employees and the financial capabilities of the organization. Naturally, the combination of different types of training will be the most effective, but in this case, the organization must adequately plan the budget and attract those co-workers to the training who need this knowledge.


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