Corot’s Orpheus Leading Eurydice From the Underworld


The painting by Corot is considered as a masterpiece in terms of depicting the skill and mastery of European art culture. Orpheus and Eurydice have been featured in the narration depicted in the painting. The story is based on the underworld where Orpheus embarks on saving his fiancée who had died. There is a great deal of artistic mastery exhibited in the painting. This is shown by a man who leads the woman from the dead. Dark images combined with some aspects of light have been used to tell the story of the underworld. It is imperative to note that the underworld is considered as dark and filled with spirits. This is shown in the painting by Corot. The artist has shown great mastery by including fine details such as those of the spirits.

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In the story, the man leads the woman from the underworld to the real world. The aim was leading the woman into a new world that was devoid of death. The artist creates a sense of smoke and dew experienced in the underworld.

The pattern of the man and woman in the painting speaks volumes in terms of the objectives of the couples. Corot displays his strategic mastery by consolidating the colors. For example, the colors used in the painting are a mix of different tints which develop the final image. It is for this reason that the canvas painting has been a success in terms of telling the story. The twist included in the painting about the death of Eurydice is another flavor added in the painting. As Orpheus leads his wife to the real world, he turns and realizes that his wife is no longer there.

This is a shocking revelation that makes the painting interesting. The artist has also added a sense of imagination that captivates the audience by adding drama. The drama mentioned in this description shows beyond reasonable doubt that Corot was a master painter with a sensation for passion.

Personal opinion

I support the approach used by Corot in telling the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Using drama and painting is a unique skill that is hard to find among artists. Many artists lack the perspective of incorporating numerous elements within their artworks. This has been accomplished by the works exhibited by Corot. He has brought a new angle of telling a story rarely found in other works of art. The other fascinating aspect in the painting that I find captivating is the depiction of the underworld in real terms.

The addition of light and dark colors is a great integration that makes the painting outstanding. I must say that Corot is a great artist who feels the need for taking his ideas to the next level.

A first time looker of the painting would be moved by the skills displayed. For example, the clear illustration of dense and moist nature of the underworld seems real and ignites some imagination from the audience. Of all the paintings I have ever come across, this painting carries the day. This is based on the fact that the artist has recognized the need for developing new experiences in the art world. In summary, I was moved by the artistic mastery of Corot considering the great deal of transition made in producing a new artistic experience.

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