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COVID-19 Conspiracy: Critical Thinking

The COVID-19 pandemic appeared to be an unexpected and impossible to be predicted agent for the entire world, and its consequences regarded every person and sharpened everyday routine. The origin of the new virus presented a matter of multiple discussions and hot debates. Some people are convinced that the spreading of Covid-19 cannot be considered natural, and the pandemic is the result of bioweapon usage. However, it is habitual for people to imagine different theories when they feel treat and danger (Schick & Vaughn, 2014). For this reason, Covid-19 is highly likely to be a natural sequence of events.

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First of all, biological weapons refer to the categories of mass destruction weapon, which was forbidden to apply in the 20th century. Therefore, it is illegal in the whole world, and this decision was made by a number of countries for appropriate reasons. The first one implies the fact that it appears to be morally repugnant to adhere to this method. In addition, a biological weapon is not regarded as an effective approach in war conditions due to significant challenges to use it precisely. Another fact, which is extremely influential in this context, regards infectious disease research conducted by a US non-profit medical research organization. It examined the genetic sequence of Covid-19 and concluded that it was developed naturally from animals, probably, pangolins or bats. For this reason, the likelihood of the pandemic being a controversy appears to be extremely low.

Another statement about possible coronavirus conspiracy implies that it was the intention of wealthy people, who were determined to earn a considerable sum of money via elaborating and selling vaccines. However, there is not data, which proves the profit of its creators, which can be explained by pandemic conditions or vaccine introduction. Furthermore, Gates, who is frequently blamed for his probable desire to benefit from the pandemic, spends some money on charity, which aims to contribute to the prevention of communicable diseases. Consequently, such an accusation may appear to be illogical and unreasonable.

Furthermore, there is an opinion that 5G is the factor, which leads to the Covid-19 pandemic. This assumption is based on the coincidence of the 5G rollout and outbreak in Wuhan. It also involves the hypothesis that 5G harms the human immune system, making it more vulnerable to coronavirus. However, many Chinese cities had been provided with a 5G connection before coronavirus was discovered. In addition, a range of genetic examinations reveal that air transport contributed to the spreading of the virus considerably. Another factor, which should be considered, is that 5G included non-ionizing radiation, which is proved to be harmless. Moreover, whether some people are convinced of its negative impact on human health, they should be aware that lightbulbs have higher radiation frequencies than 5G. For this reason, this theory cannot deny the natural origin of the pandemic.

In conclusion, it can be mentioned that all the conspiracy theories and hypotheses of an artificial source of the new virus appear not to be convincing. They lack the evidence and research, and some of them are illogical and unreasonable (Schick & Vaughn, 2014). Therefore, it can be concluded that all the discussions about conspiracies are the result of people’s reaction to the event, which could not be predicted and prevented by a human.


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