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Current Matrices of the Tesla Company


Tesla, Inc. is an American corporation located in Palo Alto, California, for electric vehicles and sustainable energy. According to Musk (2020), the stock value of Tesla exceeded the boundaries of 150 billion. It made the electric car startup more valuable than the combined GM, Ford, and Chrysler and the world’s second most valued automobile business, only after Toyota Motor Corp (Musk, 2020). Current Tesla goods include electric automobiles, energy storage systems, solar panels, and solar roof tiles from house to grid, and other products and services associated with the production. Roadster has introduced Tesla’s state-of-the-art engine and battery technologies. Tesla developed Model S, which has become the most refined vehicle in every class, the first-ever premium all-electric Sedan in the world.

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Grand Strategy Matrix

Tesla Motors is in the Grand Strategy Matrix at now, Quadrant 1. Tesla Motors has a robust approach to diversifying/permeating the market. According to McCain (2019), “it is recommended that Tesla focuses on achieving economies of scale by opening factories in both the European and Chinese markets” (p. 1). Solar City, a firm that specializes in solar energy services, was recently bought using this strategy. Tesla intends to combine the production and storage of energy; the firm will be able to supply battery-operated solar roof products. Tesla already manufactures energy for powerhouses and a commercially available energy battery. Tesla works to infiltrate the market as well. The Tesla Model S currently holds a significant position in the U.S. luxury automobile market, and the name Tesla has been changed to Solar City Tesla Energy. It will enable the firm to build up a particular market share and extend its profit margin in the solar energy industry.

Tesla’s Competitive Profile Matrix

Tesla BMW
Critical Success Factor Weight Rating Score Rating Score
Brand reputation 0.13 2 0.13 1 0.39
Level of product integration 0.08 4 0.08 1 0.24
Range of products 0.05 3 0.1 2 0.05
Successful new introductions 0.04 3 0.12 3 0.12
Sales per employee 0.08 1 0.24 3 0.16
Low-cost structure 0.05 1 0.2 4 0.15
Customer retention 0.02 2 0.03 1 0.08
Strong online presence 0.15 3 0.6 4 0.45
Successful promotions 0.08 1 0.06 1 0.16
Total 1.00 2.44 2,.94

This table shows the evaluation of different aspects of Tesla Inc. comparing to BMW.

Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix

Weights Rating Rating
  1. Increase market share
0.09 4 0.36
  1. Global sales expansion
0.08 3 0.24
  1. Business diversification
0.15 4 0.6
  1. Global supply chain expansion
0.08 3 0.24
  1. Government exemptions for producing environmentally-friendly vehicles
0.1 3 0.3
  1. Environmental Regulations
0.07 2 0.14
  1. Oil Prices
0.12 1 0.12
  1. Dealership regulations
0.08 2 0.16
  1. Funding Production
0.15 1 0.15
  1. Aggressive Competition
0.08 3 0.24
Total Weighted Score 1 2.55

This table shows the opportunities and threats of Tesla Inc. They are evaluated from the most essential to the least.


Tesla, Inc. is an American electric cars and energy company based in Palo Alto, California. Current Tesla products include electric vehicles, energy storage, solar panels, house-to-grid solar panels, and other manufacturing products and services. In order to diversify the market, Tesla Motors currently has an integrated strategy in the Grand Strategy Matrix, Quadrant 1. This approach, a company specialized in solar energy services, was recently bought by Solar City. Tesla aims to integrate energy generation and storage. Battery-driven solar roof items will be delivered to the company; for powerhouses and commercially available energy, Tesla already manufactures energy.


McCain, C. (2019). A Strategic Audit of Tesla, Inc.

Musk, E. (2020). Tesla, Inc.

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