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Dan Formosa and His Smart Design Company

The engagement of the General Motors employees into the test drive is a quality innovation, which brings the production closer to the consumers. The policy promotes trust between an employer and employees. Second, it enhances the sales, for many of the satisfied testers might like to purchase a car after the test drive. Finally, the rule supplies a solid advertisement for the company, which becomes known as an open firm.

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The GM employees benefit from the program considerably since their professional qualities and general awareness of production improve. Thus, the management of the corporation recounts that one of the main responsibilities of the workers is to meet the clients and to discuss the vehicles with them. With the new regulation, the employees have a chance to judge the situation from their experience (GM employees getting an up-close look at the new line-up, 2010).

The ways in which the manufacturers add value to the products may be quite different. For instance, utility is added to machinery products through test drives, which bring the production close to the clients. Such products as Christmas trees are added value and facility if the industry chooses an appropriate time for their marketing (Jones, 2010). The factor of enhancing possession opportunities adds value and utility to multiple products, which are multifunctional. Finally, such production as computers and the other high-tech tool get value through renovation.

The advantage of flexible manufacturing over mass production is its tendency to create original products in small sets. The traits of analytical and synthetic products may be demonstrated in the following way: logging and silver mine belong to analytic products; construction, canned tuna, and cars fall into the category of synthetic production. The fixed-position layout passes for a nail salon; aircraft building is process-oriented, fancy restaurant meals, and canned tuna are customer-oriented.

Benchmarking is the process of improving one’s production through a complex comparison of products to competitive ones.

The best city for a car plant in Canada in Oshawa, which has already been proved by GM Oshawa company. The reasons for that are: placing convenience, professional human resources, the history of Chevrolet, the opportunities for benchmarking, and recognition.

Dan Formosa, who inspired the creation of the Smart Design firm, was a person who entered the life of the global community with the aim of making everyday facilities comfortable and multifunctional. The company of design could not find recognition among the clients for a long time, for people did not see the advantages of creative designation.

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Moreover, the hardness came with the disagreements between the workers, for the staff consisted of creative personalities, who had their visions of separate products. Nevertheless, after the company managed to prove the society that designation may reform the customary use of products by the example of OXO, the project became popular among the clients.

There should be a distinction between valuable profits and comfort-oriented innovations. If one regards the story of Dan Formosa design project, it is critical to trace the ascension of the innovation from the category of the products, which have improved designs to the group of community-serving facilities. Thus, the primary product, which was released by the company, was the line of kitchen utensils.

The central advantage of this production was the renovated design. The tools were easy in employment and favored by the housewives. Still, this cohort of products did not belong to the necessity category. One could clearly understand that it was quite possible to perform the same kitchen operations without innovative utensils.

Later, the group of specialists from Smart Design made a discovery, which improved the quality of medicine. Thus, a renovated syringe was devised, which assisted in relieving pain in patients with serious chronic illnesses. This innovation brought the firm on a new level and certified that design improvement might be not only convenient but necessary as well (Boone, Khan, Kurtz, & Canzer, 2013).


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