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Decision Building in Paradise Business Scenario


Decision building in Paradise Business Scenario is very essentials to its success. It also plays a vital role in Radiology Imaging Industry with the intention of concerning various instruments and knowledge that will help to create the most appropriate resolution for the Paradise Business move; live in the Kava Island. The Kava Island appears to be a very dangerous business enterprise. So, serious thinking about this scenario is very much essential to make the practical solution for the achievement of creating the Radiology facility on this Island. The main problem associated with this scenario to a new site in Kava is the problems related to population. Horizon House’s psychotherapy plans offer adults in either mind strength or alcohols and the revivals with a suitable and complete service. This facilitates them to attain a realistic objective in knowledge to read, humanize their fundamental intellectual abilities, succeed in job preparations and obtain aggressive service. So, alternative factors are necessary to make proper decision making.

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Critical Thinking

The decision-making method submits to the usual guidelines is inclined to draw back a decision circumstances. Even though there are numerous and different methods to categorize decision methods, approximately all comprises purposeful and rational approaches. The problem that needs to make a decision in this scenario is the” population of Kava is mostly under the age 15 so Radiology Imaging will be able to concentrate on caring for not only but also for pediatric Radiology care in order to find medical conditions that these radiology Islanders may have in order to treat their medical condition appropriately” (Decisions in paradise scenario, 2010, para.2). To assess this difficulty; post-eradication plans are established with the intention of blocking the illness which has really influenced all the states irrespective of ages.

Horizon House Inc. is a rehabilitation center for mental health patients. Therefore, decision-making is very essential in the company. Correct decision-making is very essential in the cases of human resource requirements, organizational processes, etc. Decision-making categories can be broadly divided into five groups. They are technical decisions, communication decisions, budget decisions, ethical decisions, and career decisions. Considering the main problem in the present scenario; the most important decisions which need to be taken are communication, budget, and ethical decisions. “Decision-making is shared by team members and between the team and the individual receiving the service” (Mental health services, 2009, para.2). In Horizon House Inc. the decision-making is usually made after a lot of discussions with the team members. In order to solve the problem, the appropriate decisions should be taken at the right time. Communication decisions are very important in Paradise Business Scenario. The right communication in decision-making eliminates all the mistakes thereby helping in the proper solving of the matter and results in finding alternatives. Similarly, appropriate budget decisions can also help in finding the solutions to the problem. Budgetary decisions are taken to appropriately solve the matter from the beginning itself. Budgetary decisions should be taken after deciding the correct allocation of expenses. Ethical decisions are very important in all businesses. Decisions that are taken ethically increase the moral value of the company Horizon House Incorporation. Ethics are the values that are practiced in every business. So, wise ethical decisions taken solve the problems.


The correct decision-making involves the identification of the problem and its causes. The next step is the framing of alternative decisions and the evaluation of alternatives. After the evaluation of alternatives decisions should be taken. If the company Horizon House Inc. practices this decision cycle; then it can solve all the problems.


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