Decision-Making Tools: Case Study Analysis

There are several things that Taylor can do to convince Bob that using bar codes could be helpful. First, she should find a lumber company that uses bar code technology and create a case study to present to Bob. A good start would be their supplier. Stapling bar codes on the ends of wood implies that the supplier embraces the technology (Hedgepeth 112). That could demonstrate how beneficial and efficient it is to their operations. Bob seems resistant to change.

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The best way to convince him is to show him a company that has successfully incorporated the technology into its operations and improved its inventory management. They can use the visit to compare the financial and operational impact of the company that uses bar codes against theirs and decides whether it is a superior technology to adopt. Second, Taylor should create a plan to try out the bar code technology for an interim period of one month and evaluate its effects on their business operations. Third, she should demonstrate to Bob how adopting the technology will save them both time and money and increase the efficiency of their operations, such as inventory management. One of the reasons why Bob is adamant about adopting bar codes is the result of an experience with technology that had adverse effects on their home office (Hedgepeth 114).

Tyler should conduct in-depth research on bar codes and the various dynamics associated with their use. It is evident that Bob is ignorant of the benefits of technology and makes decisions based on a solitary experience that happened at the home office. Tyler should strive toward providing information to Bob regarding the adoption of bar code technology as well as how it can be effectively used to improve business operations. She should show Bob how using bar codes will positively impact other areas of their businesses, such as inventory, sales, and purchasing.

It would seem bizarre for Tyler and Bill to go to Bob with an outlandish idea such as RFID because Bob seems impervious to change and unwilling to embrace technology fully. In addition, without first experiencing the success of related technology such as bar codes, it would be challenging to convince Bob that RFID technology is beneficial to their business. However, it would be the right thing to do if they have conducted a thorough analysis of their business and concluded that the technology would fit into their system and have a positive impact. RFID improves effectiveness because it is durable for harsh environments, a more extended read range, and identifies more items (Hedgepeth 7).

Embracing technology is an essential aspect that businesses should consider in order to compete effectively and streamline their business operations. Bill and Tyler should approach Bob only if their research regarding RFID technology proves beyond doubt that embracing the technology will make their business money.

It would be unwise to adopt the technology and fail to reap financial benefits. One thing to consider is whether the technology will read tags consistently because wood is usually wet, and as a result, absorbs the radio waves used in RFID technology. If the costs of adopting technology supersede the benefits, then Tyler and Bill should not approach Bob regarding the use of RFID technology. A thorough study of their business system would be the most important thing for them to do before deciding whether to present the idea to Bob or not.

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