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Dell Company’s Twitter: Tracking Word of Mouse


Dell is one of the biggest companies in the technology industry. It manufactures computers and computer accessories, as well as other technology related products. There has been a lot of news trending through various social media sites about the organization, its products, its business, sales, advertisement, and image, among other issues. This report will track the word of mouse that has been trending in Dell’s Twitter account for the last 8 weeks. It is evident that Dell uses its Twitter account to interact with its clients, as well as advertise its products and services.

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Tracking Word of Mouse: Dell

Social media is a strong marketing tool (Zarrella, 2010). Dell has embraced the power of social media and has been making its communications through Twitter, among other social sites. It has been advertising its products on Twitter. On the 13th of October the year 2014, the company posted on Twitter that its software is used by many big companies across the world. According to the tweet, 90% of the 1000 Fortune companies across the world use the Dell software. In addition, there are about 2 million users who use the Dell software across the globe. This is an indication that the company is doing well and it is a reputable organization, as its products are of good quality. That is one if the main reasons why big companies trust its software.

On the October 14th, Dell announced the production of a next generation firewall known as the New Dell Supermassive 9800. This is a product that will aid in protecting data. The firewall that will be introduced will be for big organizations, as well as small and medium size organizations. On the 15th October, the company announced the launch of a new network function solution that is fully converged. It is a network function that will help connect classrooms and boost learning. It can also connect offices. On the 16th of October, the company announced that its Chief Security Architect, Elliot Lewis, was at Genius Life at the Downtown Podcast, where he was a guest and was talking about issues related to security (Twitter, 2014).

As part of its bid to educate its customers, Dell also posted the 4 ways in which the Internet of things is impacting and changing product design. It is an indication of the technology’s changing trends, which is also affecting business performance. On the same day, Dell posted that its Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet is 6 mm thick. It also stated that the tablet has a camera that has the ability to sense 3D. This is a product that is highly impressive with its improved features and will enhance the company’s competitiveness in the market. The company also has a Dell Venue 8 Android Tablet, which is also 6 mm thick. It will be the first tablet to have Intel Real Sensing Snapshot Depth Camera.

On the 17th of October, the company announced that it has been able to reduce the energy intensity of its products by about 23% within a period of 2 years. It has also been able to reduce its server portfolio by about 50%. This makes the products more user-friendly. On the 20th October, Dell tweeted that it offers a Chromebook, which has a RAM that is two times larger than that of Samsung Chromebook. This is a feature that will give the Dell’s Chromebook a better competitive edge compared to that of Samsung (Twitter, 2014).

On the 21st, the company expressed, through Twitter, its delight in partnering with Microsoft to bring together Azure, Microsoft System Centre, and the Windows Server. This is a partnership that will help the company establish better relations with its partners and suppliers. It is on the same day that the countdown to DellWorld 2014 commenced. The company also tweeted that it has been a part of small companies in helping them embrace remote and flexible work arrangements. Dell has been committed to improving its products. This was confirmed in the tweet made on 21st October, which indicated that the company’s spending on research and development rose to 2.1% of revenue, from 1.6% (Twitter, 2014).

There have been challenges in the data center, as it was depicted in the tweet made on the 23rd October. It was stated that Eric Brown would be looking at these challenges. Dell products have been satisfying to the customers. For instance, the Dell EqualLogic Storage is a product that has helped Super Shuttle cut its IT costs by about 80%. It has also expanded its capacity to serve customers, according to a tweet posted on the 23rd of October. The products and services offered by Dell have also improved the learning of over 6.8 million students across the world. The company stated that it is counted as one of the 15 biggest software companies in the world, in a tweet made on 24th October.

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On 28th October, the company advised the customers on the need to protect their devices and data from human error, as accidents may happen. Dell will be participating in the Dublin Web Summit 2014, Europe’s largest technology event. It is a venue where it gets a chance to advertise its products and get recognized for what it is doing. Dell also celebrated one year since it became a private company on the 29th of October. This was reported on a tweet made on 30th October. It reflected on what the company did for the last one year (Twitter, 2014).

The company has always been listening to consumer needs and responded to them accordingly. According to a tweet made on the 31st October, Dell’s Bitcoin payment acceptance was as a result of consumer demand. DellWorld took over Austin on the 4th to the 6th of November. The event could be followed online through a link posted on Twitter on 3rd November. This is an event where Dell gets the opportunity to meet its customers and advertise its products. The company is proactive and aware of the future markets.

It is for this reason that on 5th November it tweeted regarding the future of workplace productivity, which would be enabled by Smart desks, as well as UltraSharp Monitors. Through Dell security, the company is committed to fighting CryptoWall and CryptoLocker, according to a tweet posted on 10th November. Dell has been committed to bringing gender equality. The company has explained how technology can be used to close the gender gap through its tweets. Such a tweet was made on 11th November, describing how gender diversity can be embraced in the workplace. Following privatization, the vision of Michael Dell for an end-to-end vendor has started to become a reality (Twitter, 2014).


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