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Developing a Firm’s Positioning Strategy

Schildge offers an adequate positioning strategy as a concept of marketing for developing and planning a company’s direction. It is useful not only for starting a business but also for existing long-term ones. Implementing a positioning strategy as part of the firm’s marketing would profit companies in the long run. The author, in his article, talks about such concepts as identifying the audience, targeting the product according to customers’ needs, and choosing the right positioning strategy. The author presents a positioning strategy as one of the crucial concepts in the company’s marketing since it helps to organize the process from the developing raw product to its delivery to the customer (Schildge, 2020). Moreover, the author points out the importance of choosing the right positioning strategy to maximize the profit from the whole process.

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The article suggests several marketing strategies that could be used in developing an effective plan for a company. First of all, targeting an audience would give a good start for a firm’s marketing (Schildge, 2020). Knowing a potential market is one of the most critical tasks in doing business. Even the product that is the most popular among the public must be focused on applying to a specific customer (Kotler & Keller, 2015). It is a mistake for a business to create a product for everyone, since in this case, the radius is too broad, thus, dominating in the area would be difficult. It is essential to identify the specific audience, so that that the needs of that audience could be targeted as well (Kotler & Keller, 2015). Therefore, a firm must consider targeting a potential customer as a priority task for a successful business, which makes it an essential part of the article.

The idea of choosing the correct positioning strategy to achieve the most profit also seems to be an essential part of the author’s vision. Schildge defines three crucial elements of the positioning strategy, which are: to “determine total resources to be used for the marketing program; to indicate how to allocate the resources among products, distribution, price advertising, and personal selling; and to allocate the resources within each program component” (2020, para. 20). Since all three of them answer different needs, it is quite crucial to choose the essential one, the strategy that would determine current objectives for the business.

However, the author also points out that finding the correct strategy is almost impossible. According to the article, identifying the customers’ market and its need requires a mixture of different strategies, which Schildge does not explain (2020). This approach may be easy to implement for experienced people in business; however, not entirely applicable to beginners. The idea of choosing the right positioning strategy is simple and achievable for implementing. Identifying it, in the beginning, would benefit the company and help it to achieve objectives. However, mixing the strategies would kill the starting business since it is not experienced enough for implementing such a complicated scheme, which does not make this part of the article very effective.

In conclusion, the author presents exciting ideas about what to do before starting the business. His argument is clear and transparent for both experienced and inexperienced readers. However, some concepts such as mixing the positioning strategies for achieving a better result do not apply to beginners; thus, they can create confusion. On the other hand, the general concept of implementing the positioning strategy in the company’s marketing will help to organize the work and accomplish goals.


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Schildge, G. (2020). Positioning Strategy Guide. Web.

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