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Developing Personal Writing Skills: Present and Future


Refining individual writing capabilities is an essential task for any person interested in developing their career. Excellent proficiencies in writing often aid the employee in their professional growth, chartering a path for a successful future. Of exceptional importance is observing the advancements made during the educational endeavors, which allow the individual to direct the flow of their improvement (Nejmaoui, 2019). Combining personal ethos with the goals established can significantly contribute to one’s professional affluence, helping one overcome potential obstacles. My mastery of written communication has evolved considerably over the time of my education, providing me with writing competencies critical for my future success in the field of organizational management. This paper addresses the writing skills progress and personal ethos as the primary elements of professional advancement, which will assist me in confronting presented difficulties.

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Personal Ethos and Changes in Writing Capabilities

An individual’s characteristic traits play a crucial role in their development, often becoming an efficient instrument for surpassing possible complications. My personal ethos is deeply intertwined with my desire to maintain continuous growth as I strive to receive new information and excel at my chosen activities. I consider challenges a part of life that can be remarkably difficult, but I feel prepared to find relevant solutions and improve my limitations, thus contributing to my achievements. Furthermore, I always feel excited to share my knowledge with others, helping them advance and heightening my sense of self. I believe that it will be extremely rewarding for me to enhance my abilities from a personal and a professional perspective.

Over the course of the last five weeks, my writing proficiencies have significantly increased, providing me with a new accomplishment. Although I felt unsure about my performance at the beginning, estimating my abilities as intermediate due to the specific nature of my previous experiences, now I feel more comfortable in the field of written communication. I am more skilled in addressing the relevant ideas and introducing my personal thoughts on the given topic, employing various types of styles to enhance the impression on the reader (Connell, 2018). Throughout the course, as I learned particular techniques that could highlight the purpose of the paper or diminish it, I noticed considerable growth in my word and sentence variety, implementing different approaches to clarify my position (Connell, 2018). In comparison with the start of my education, I feel more capable as a writer, confident that I can clearly express the needed ideas, thoroughly exploring the purpose and the requirements for the assignment.

Although I believe that the level of my writing skills has increased, there are still several challenges that I need to address. First of all, it is still imperative for me to examine certain strategies that could allow me to write more efficiently, optimizing the time spent on additional clarifications (Nejmaoui, 2019). After that, it is rather burdensome for me to support my beliefs with refutable sources properly, as I am struggling with maintaining a perfect balance between quotations, paraphrasing, and summarizing. Finally, another strenuous activity in need of resolution is my capability to create papers for a variety of audiences, for example, not only presenting scientific opinions but also persuading my readers with necessary arguments.

A considerable aid for my improvements achieved in this class was my personal ethos, which greatly assisted me in staying on my educational path and overcoming the challenges faced. My aspiration to acquire more academic knowledge and refine my writing incapabilities has remarkably impacted my growth, motivating me to continue my pursuit. As I progressed through the program, it was strenuous for me to maintain both professional and educational lives, with little spare time left for my family. Nevertheless, it was possible for me to sustain learning and working simultaneously due to my resolve and the support from my loved ones. Although, at certain times, I felt overwhelmed and discouraged by the amount of information or occurred failures, the desire to excel on the path I have chosen reignited my interest. Moreover, as I communicated with my peers and assisted them in resolving numerous issues, my investment in successfully completing the course was reinstalled again.

Improvement Prospects and Future Writing Projects

In order to compete with possible candidates in the field of organizational management, it is crucial for me to continue the constant development of personal writing skills, as well as establish a specific action scheme. I intend to continue my advances to be prepared for future applications and deliver an exceptional quality of professional engagement. My first initiative is to apply for additional educational courses focused on the practical utilization of writing capabilities which can provide me with the necessary knowledge and practices (Paulus & Nijstad, 2019). After that, I plan to research extra instances of successful written communication offered by skilled organizational managers, analyzing their approaches and adopting their experiences for my personal path. Lastly, I hope to receive feedback from my educators and colleagues on my written projects to establish my limitations and devise strategies for their resolution and enhancement.

Future Implementation of the Experience Obtained

There are several types of writing that I might be asked to perform in my future occupations. One of the essential activities is connected to overcoming writer’s block, a common issue for content-creators or other professionals who are required to produce written materials (Writing Center, n.d.). A sudden absence of ideas or inability to correctly formulate one’s thoughts can be detrimental to any endeavor undertaken, especially in urgent situations necessitating a prompt response. Therefore, the first act on my list is brainstorming, a technique that might alleviate the difficulties by allowing the person to produce associations linked to the subject in question. Examining the related ideas and grouping them based on their likeness can provide an insight into the topic, removing irrelevant information (Paulus & Nijstad, 2019). Another method incorporating the theme of commonality is mind-mapping, a visual representation of close concepts that might present a novel view for the writer. By directing attention to the global notion, the author gradually creates more precise themes for discussion.

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Additionally, I might be requested to demonstrate the ability to free-write, which is a challenging task demanding exceptional proficiency. During this assignment, a person is encouraged to write any thoughts they produce for 5-10 minutes without stopping, regardless of the resulting content. Although this material may appear senseless at first, under close evaluation, it may originate some insightful views that could benefit the paper. Finally, it will be imperative for me to prove my analytic capabilities by asking direct questions and evaluating if the work lacks necessary information or is unclear. Demonstrating my mastery over surpassing writer’s block is a vital part of my future success in the chosen occupation.

Establishing a precise perspective regarding one’s next endeavors is another attribute of a successful future. In my vision, I will have achieved my Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management in the next five years, as well as secured the role of a Director with my current employer. Significant contributions to my accomplishment of these aims are my experience and skills obtained over the course of my education, namely the proficiencies in time-management, writing abilities, and tasks reallocation. The necessity to combine both professional and educational activities in my schedule will allow me to masterfully balance my working and personal hours, maintaining a non-overloaded lifestyle (Aeon & Aguinis, 2017). My written communication competencies will be of tremendous benefit in written assignments, reports, and job requirements related to the promotion. Finally, reassigning my duties to suitable timings and deciding upon their priority is crucial for sustaining motivation and effectively battling the consequences of extreme tiredness. My unique experience as organizational management and a student can aid me in my future advances, ensuring me that it is possible to accomplish my objectives despite potential challenges and failures.


To conclude, the primary concepts connected to the progress of my writing skills, personal ethos, as well as individual advantages and limitations were discussed in this paper. The development of my written communication skills is an important aspect of my future growth, which requires constant training in order to maintain a professional level. Although there are several challenges I need to address, namely text optimization, content balance, and audience traits, I believe that my resolve to complete the endeavors started will assist me in finding a perfect solution. As a determined and knowledge-invested person, I am greatly motivated to secure a successful career in organizational management, coupled with the achievement of my Bachelor’s Degree.


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