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Development of Nursing in Israel

Process of Creating a Nursing Practice in Israel

The process of creating a nursing practice in a medical organization in Israel involves 8 systematic steps. These steps are derived from Kotler’s 8 step change model. These steps begin with the creation of urgency where discussions are held across all divisions of an organization so as to address the need of changing nurses’ roles. The second step involves forming a powerful alliance with key members of the organization (Porat & Picker-Rotem & Shneider & Weingart-Eimerl…, 2011). The third step is the creation of a vision so as to achieve the desired change. The fourth step involves communicating the organization’s vision to the stakeholders.

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The fifth step involves empowering organizational members to take part in promoting the new vision at the departmental levels. The sixth step involves the creation of short-term objectives (Porat, et al., 2011). The seventh step involves building on the change. Here, long-term aims are set on the basis of prior achievements and insistently sponsoring them in all aspects. The last step is the anchoring of the corporate culture which involves intensively communicating the organization’s visions, developing leadership skills and managerial reserves with the objective of integrating this vision into management’s culture.

History of Nursing in Israel

In the early 1960s, an assessment of reality established the existence of a cognitive conflict. The lack of manpower in hospitals and shortage of nursing candidates in universities was evident during this period in areas with low social status since they lacked professional orientation and low education achievements (Ehrenfeld & Itzhaki & Baumann, 2007). Progressive technological future demanded qualified academic training that would enhance professionalism in the medical field. This conflict was made weak by the opinion that improving training and recruitment of experienced nurses with the help of advanced education would enhance the desire to advance professional status into the healthcare systems as they expand their limits in accredited nurse’ roles.

Changes in the Nursing Field

Nursing in Israel has been subject to change over the years. In line with the requirements set by the Ministry of Health and Nursing Administration, the nursing profession now requires academic excellence (Ehrenfeld, et al., 2007). As a result, people in Israel have a chance to have access to quality treatment that is brought as a result of the presence of qualified personnel. In the recent past, there has been a diversion to broaden one of the major changes that have taken place in the nursing field in Israel is the professionalization of the practice. Additionally, Israel treatment concentration has shifted from hospital-based treatment to community-based (Ehrenfeld, et al., 2007). With the expansion of the community-based forms of treatment, patients in Israel can have access to their communities.

A Summary of the Discussed Issues

Changes that have taken place within the healthcare system in Israel have necessitated medical practitioners to reassess their previous nursing practices and establish new practices so as to pinpoint the new models that align with the severe need for acute care systems (Porat, et al., 2011). Through professionalization and expansion of the community-based medical care systems, treatment can now be easily accessed by everyone. Considering the relevance of professionalization in the nursing field in Israel, there is a need for policymakers to align these practices in the Israeli healthcare policies to further improve the medical sector.


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