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Diabetes Conference as a Scholarly Activity

Students who take part in the RN to BSN program are required to participate in academic activities such as conferences, seminars, morbidity and mortality meetings, or various committees. I chose to attend a conference on diabetes held by Baptist Health South Florida, a non-profit medical organization. It was held on Saturday, October 13, in the South Miami Hospital from 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., and I was present for its entirety.

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The Goals of the Conference

Diabetes is a broad topic and cannot be explained in a single day, and as such, the discussion focused on several specific care topics. As stated in Educational objectives (2018), the themes of the conference were erectile dysfunction, use of oral agents, the state of the heart, diabetic nephropathy, management of the illness in the elderly, and CV outcomes. The goals were to improve the attendees’ knowledge of medical terms related to diabetes, educate them on the evaluation of risks, and prepare them for the overall treatment of patients affected by the condition. However, the conference is not recognized as an official educational event. No warranty related to the accuracy of the information is offered, and participants are cautioned to consider available scientific data before acting on what they have learned.

The Proceedings

The conference lasted for one day, and participants were advised to dress in comfortable business casual clothes. The timeline did not deviate significantly from Schedule (2018), and we listened to lectures read by Dr. Umpierrez, Dr. Feldman, Dr. Barreto-Torrella, and Dr. Ramasamy. There were breaks between the talks, during which we had lunch and visited the exhibits organized by specialists outside of the organization. Photography was forbidden during the conference, and the prohibition extended to the displays. The conference concluded on time, and the lecturers were available for follow-up questions and discussion.

Key Learnings

The conference featured a significant amount of valuable information on the treatment of patients with diabetes. The explanation on the initiation of insulin and the adjustment of therapy clarified the area, which I had not possessed enough knowledge about previously. I also learned about the care for elderly patients with diabetes, gaining an understanding of the approach that should be taken when caring for them. I also learned about the relationship between diabetes and cardiovascular outcomes, learning how to evaluate the additional risks patients with the condition face regarding cardiovascular disorders and the appropriate measures to reduce the probability. Overall, I’ve learned a considerable amount of details and the reasoning behind the approaches used in the treatment of diabetes.

Future Professional Goals

I have not determined the specialization I intend to aspire to yet, but I will likely encounter patients with diabetes in my practice. This conference has helped me improve my understanding of the condition and the methods used in its evaluation and treatment. It did not grant me an officially recognized competency, and I intend to deepen my understanding of the illness, in which the knowledge I’ve gained will significantly assist me.


I have attended a conference on the treatment of diabetes that was held in Miami on October 13, 2018. The activity covered various topics intended to educate attendees on the evaluation and treatment of the various aspects of the condition. I have learned a significant amount of information about diabetes, although it is not supported by any program competencies. The knowledge I have gained will likely be useful in my future career regardless of the path it will take.


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