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Different Perceptions of New York

The two essays by A. Busch and Elwyn White speak about the diversity of New York. Authors perceive this city differently; for instance, Busch says that New York is very adaptive, and every visitor might take what he needs from this city. White claims that the city is enormously huge and it can absorb even significant events. It is crucial to examine both viewpoints and consider what authors thought about New York to measure if they are correct in their suggestions and explore three reasons for perception.

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A. Busch mostly digresses about generation differences in his essay “Kickflipping New York.” He claims that his teenage sons are interested in places that are not attractive to their parents (Busch). For instance, Busch provides readers with examples of his sons’ delight when they acquire half-destroyed and dilapidated buildings (Busch). For teenagers, these constructions are attractive for exploration and some skateboarding. Busch says that skateboarders often “rely on stamina and nerve” to travel these half-broken buildings and discover their potential for their purposes (Busch 1). The author also wonders why his sons appreciate New York’s experimental “clutter” rather than historical value (Busch 2). Overall, the essay by A. Busch speaks about the different purposes of various generations which come to this city.

Another essay by Elwyn White narrates the immensity of New York. White claims that this city can absorb even significant events, for instance, “the greatest air show ever staged” (White 1). The author says that it is feasible to shift between districts of this city to feel differently. He also states that there are three types of New York; the city for native inhabitants, commuters, and migrants with an aim (White). Each of the three types adds to the remarkable and unrepeatable atmosphere of the megapolis. Moreover, the author compares New York to other countries. Still, he finds that New York is unique in combining architecture, cultural diversity, and the sense of belonging to a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Overall, A. Busch and Elwyn White narrate relatively homogenous topics; they both claim that New York is different for everyone. It is possible to say that both authors are correct in their suggestions, and it is proved by the examples they provide to the readers. Moreover, it is essential to provide three reasons in reply to the author’s points of view and state how I perceive the experience with this city.

Firstly, New York is a multifaceted city, and everyone can get what he wants from it. It is seen from the authors’ essays and my own experience. For instance, while visiting New York, the purposes of one group of people will vary, especially if there are adults interested in historical sightseeing and teenagers who are attracted by the rhythm and endless cheerfulness of New York.

Secondly, New York is a huge megapolis, but it allows feeling comfortable due to its cultural and ethnic diversity. For instance, it is possible to find various museums where other cultures are appreciated. What is more, many migrants and native citizens might not mind making friends with people from other countries. Different restaurants, cafes, and public domains are available for everyone, making the country convenient for visitors.

The last reason is the immensity of New York, and it provides people with an opportunity to feel comfortable. There are about eight million inhabitants, and everyone is busy with his matters. Probably, no one will judge the person for his appearance or some extravagant details due to the busyness of other citizens. It creates an atmosphere of safety and allows you to express yourself.

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In conclusion, both authors of the abovementioned essays are correct in their statements. New York is a large city where everyone can come for various purposes. It is impossible to disagree with authors when they speak about the diversity of megapolis and various perceptions. Moreover, I provided three statements that support the authors’ points of view and prove that New York is miscellaneous but comfortable for everyone.

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