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Discussion of Expat Assignment in Barcelona


The experience of people who decide to take on international assignments seems more advantageous than that of citizens who are unwilling to change their place of residence for this purpose. However, it is not only accompanied by benefits for future professional successes but also incorporates specific challenges and tasks to be addressed in order to make the most out of this time abroad. Therefore, the opportunity to work for a foreign company and, more specifically, those in Barcelona, Spain, should be thoroughly examined with regard to these circumstances and the required preparation.

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Expat Assignment in The Near Future

The described initiative implies the presence of a high degree of freedom of an individual who considers using this option for their further promotion in the workplace. It is related to the situation in families, possible communication issues with relatives, friends, and other people, and the deriving challenges, which cannot be ignored. From this perspective, my situation is not favorable for getting this experience of working abroad even for one year since I am going to have a baby this September. This circumstance is complemented by the fact that my older parents living in the United States also need my help. Considering the above obstacles, expat assignments are not the best options in my case for the next two or three years. However, I still believe that such opportunities are amazing both for my personal and professional development and, therefore, can be considered in the future.

Expat Assignment in Barcelona and The Rationale

The location, which seems interesting for expat assignments, is Barcelona, Spain, and its selection is conditional upon several reasons. First, the procedure of applying for a visa seems easy once one finds an employer in the country, and the city offers numerous opportunities for those willing to work there (Wood, 2019). This factor is crucial because the willingness of companies to hire a person determines their chances of receiving new professional experience. Moreover, this approach means that a potential employee is already aware of the business’ expectations regarding their skills, which decreases the level of stress during the hiring process (Wood, 2019). Second, the healthcare system seems to be optimal as, even though it is reported to be far from perfect, it is still affordable, which is important for expats (Wood, 2019). Third, housing is also good because one can rent an apartment within walking distance from the office (Wood, 2019). These circumstances are complemented by my interest in Spain in general and justify the feasibility of the idea of moving there.

Preparation for the Expat Assignment

The preparation for moving to Barcelona includes a variety of tasks, which should be timely performed. It should start with the discussion of this opportunity with my family in order to gain their support, which will be invaluable for my child. In this situation, I will need to explain the benefits of this decision to prevent any resistance on their part and the feasibility of this measure for increasing income in the future. Consequently, the conditions of the selected destination should be taken into account in order to make sure that I am ready to go. The essential requirements include getting health insurance and necessary medications, renting an apartment, getting a visa, and other documents, which will be specified by the employer (Wood, 2020). In addition, even though living in this city seems not expensive, the financial aspect should be carefully analyzed to confirm that I have enough money for it.

Possible Challenges and the Ways to Overcome Them

The possible challenges related to the language and culture, and they are complemented by the emotional aspect of the matter. Thus, in Barcelona, people speak Catalan, not Spanish, and the difference between them might become an obstacle to efficiently performing tasks in the workplace (Wood, 2020). In addition, the local citizens tend to be unpunctual and seemingly unfriendly, which is a misconception (Wood, 2020). Therefore, the primary method of addressing these issues is the focus on the mastery of Catalan and communicating with Spaniards in order to understand them better before arriving in the country. However, not all obstacles can be as easily addressed as the language and cultural barriers since different procedures in Barcelona can be frustrating. For example, the city is known for excessive bureaucracy, which is the main source of anxiety for expats (Richardson, 2019). This factor can hardly be eliminated, and the only way to avoid the related discomfort is to be ready to face it and accept this difference between Spain and the United States.


To summarize, the analysis of the opportunity to move to Barcelona as an expact proves that it is possible after addressing specific tasks and challenges. However, considering the mentioned personal circumstances, I would be able to use it only in a few years. The selection of this location is conditional upon its affordability in terms of healthcare and housing, as well as the chance to find an employer interested in specific skills. In turn, the preparation will include discussions with my family, receiving the required documents, finding a job, and renting an apartment. In this case, the obstacles are connected to the language, cultural specificities, and the majority of them can be easily eliminated.


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