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Dissertation Discussion: A Practical Manual for Success

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Writing a dissertation is a complex process in itself; however, there may be particular complexities for individual writers with individual parts of the dissertation. When a writer feels hardships with providing a sound literature synthesis in a literature review or is challenged by defining a good and detailed methodology, it is quite common for dissertation writers. However, the final parts of the dissertation are often even more complex since they are based on a much wider body of research conducted previously. A good example of a complicated endeavor is the dissertation discussion chapter.

The discussion in a dissertation is always both analytical and synthetic in nature; hence, those writers who are strong in one of the activities may feel hardships with the second one. The present article aims at helping aspiring dissertation writers not only write dissertation discussions smoothly but also to enjoy the process. These simple tips for dissertation discussion writing will help both beginning and professional writers.

The synthesis part of the dissertation discussion

The synthesis part about the dissertation discussion writing is in identifying the implications of the research results. To achieve success in this undertaking, the dissertation writer has to get back to the introduction and methodology to see what he or she aims to achieve and compare these expectations with the realistic results gained. In case analogs and parallels are found, the synthesis in a dissertation discussion will be conducted easily.

The analytical part of the dissertation discussion

The analytical part of the discussion in a dissertation is to look at the overall result, its meaning and value, and to continue the analysis of the dissertation results by making recommendations for further research. The researcher will have to compare the first part of his or her dissertation (that summarizes what is known about the topic) and the second part (what they have found out). The disparities between these two bodies of knowledge will serve as the step forward in research, and this is the part that has to be analyzed.

The dissertation discussion format

As for the dissertation discussion format, one has to divide the discussion section into several parts. The main issues to discuss are identifying the answers to research questions gained in the research process to show that it has fulfilled its aim and to emphasize the value of the present research (which will make the results feasible for the readership).