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Distinguishing the Advocacy of Nurses

Specialists in each of nursing roles, be it RNs, LPNs, licensed nurses, or unlicensed members of staff, regularly perform the function of advocates. A nurse advocate is defined as the person who provides active support to patients by defending their preferences and rights, helping them to make decisions, and guarding their rights as humans (Hunt, 2015). In this regard, three roles of nursing personnel will be analyzed: those of a scientist, a detective, and a healing environment manager.

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A Scientist

This advocating role involves continuous education and acquaintance with the most current practices. A nurse should never cease learning to be able to help his or her patients. If a healthcare specialist is constantly engaged in analyzing approaches and techniques, he or she will be able to choose the most pertinent treatment for patients.

A Detective

The detective’s role is reflected in the ability of nurses to be extremely attentive to details. While communicating with patients, nursing specialists should be observant and take notice of eve factor, no matter how minute it may seem. Based on such data, a nurse can decide what the best treatment plan is or what procedures should be canceled or replaced.

A Healing Environment Manager

This role involves nurses’ understanding of the variety of components that constitute the healing environment. These aspects include, but are not limited to religious, cultural, political, and social needs. When being an advocate in the role of a healing manager, the nursing specialist should make sure that all needs of patients are satisfied since the combination of these aspects can enhance patients’ overall condition.


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