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Drinking Laws and Obedience to This Law


Drinking laws in a country should be defined clearly to avoid irresponsible behavior within the society. It important for bar owners to keep watch and ensure they sell alcohol to the authorized persons as stated in the law. The drinking laws should be known by bar owners so that they are able to protect themselves from illegal sales of alcohol. Government also should be watchful in ensuring that individuals that engage in illegal behaviours receive the deserved punishment as the law states.

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In the case of Billy, I feel that the government has the power to restrict him from advertising since most of the customers around are students. Billy has not structured his advertisement clear enough to restrict underage people from buying beer in his bar. He should make sure that the advertisement states clearly that alcohol is not supposed to be sold to persons under the age of 21 according to the laws of the country. The government is supposed to protect the students by ensuring Billy is aware that underage persons should stay away from irresponsible behaviour. Underage drinking is the root of all evil and therefore protection children is mandatory.

The government is right to ask Billy to withdrawal his advertisement from the campus because it is not following the law. It is the work of the government, to ensure that, young people do not engage in irresponsible drinking habits that can negatively affect their lives. The government is also ensuring that the bar owner is aware that he is breaking the law by selling alcohol to persons under the age of 21. It is important that the government maintain law and order in the society for the well-being of everyone. Government policies should be adhered to in order to avoid misunderstanding between various institutions. The bar owner is not owing to his mandate in ensuring that he sells beer to adults. Billy is only concerned in making money even if it means that he has to do this illegally. This is wrong for him and he should ensure that as an adult he takes care of the young students so that they will not engage in irresponsible behaviour that can be detrimental to their studies.

Billy should also ensure that students do not come to his bar unless they are buying foodstuffs. He should have insisted in his advertisement that those who do not have national identifications can not access the bar for any reasons. It is also important to note that Billy should have had his advertisement placed outside the school compound so that he discourages students from coming into the bar. The government has the mandate to resist Billy’s advertisement because the advertisement is placed in the wrong place. It is wrong for Billy to place an irresponsible advertisement in the campus since it encourages young people to participate in unruly behaviour. The government is the law enforcement agency and therefore they have the right to protect every person according to the terms of the laws in the country.

I agree that the law is right in restricting Billy from placing advertisement in the school compound. This is because they are ensuring that law and order prevails in the society. The government is ensuring that the law is not broken both by the students and the bar owner. Billy should make sure he removes his advertisement from the campus, since it is breaking the law. The law is right in ensuring that students’ rights are protected from unprincipled business people like Billy who are only concerned in expanding their businesses. Laws are made to maintain order in the society. Billy decided to break the law, and therefore the government is there to ensure the law is followed.


It is important for adults to be careful when dealing with underage drinking. Bar owners have the mandate to put clearly defined rules in order to ensure that young people do not purchase alcohol. The government has the mandate of ensure that no citizens and especially young people engage in irresponsible behaviour. They should maintain law and order in the society as a whole.

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