Drop in the Number of Nursing Staff

Providing patients with instant access to high-quality healthcare services is one of the crucial responsibilities of nursing experts. However, the implementation of the specified task is becoming overly complicated due to the rising levels of understaffing in the nursing setting. Despite being scrutinized closely by global organizations such as WHO and the International Council of Nurses, to name a few, the problem persists (Yeo, 2014). Furthermore, it shapes the development of the contemporary healthcare system as a whole, leading to an imminent drop in its quality. To address the needs of nurses and contribute to a rise in the levels of nurse staffing, one will have to focus on social aspects of the phenomenon and, thus incorporate the specified element in the process of staff training. However, flexibility is also an important tool for addressing the problems in the specified regions.

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Issue and Context of the Problem

The evolution of the evidence-based approach toward managing public health needs hinges to a considerable degree on the professionalism, paramedical components, and interdisciplinary communication in a nursing setting. The problem in the field of personal training is the imbalance between the need for obtaining a different level of education and the willingness of health professionals to accept a specialist of a new formation (Glette, Aase, & Wiig, 2017). Against the backdrop of the outflow of personnel from the industry, attempts to increase the prestige of the profession, adequate health care does not seek to provide young specialists with an opportunity to realize themselves in daily activities, leaving in most cases the delegated competencies, regardless of the education received.

Impact of the Current Problem and Its Significance

Of particular importance in modern conditions is the training of future nurses and other average medical workers in primary medical schools and colleges. The variety of educational programs determines the quality of the educational process in secondary medical education. In nursing, the process of staff training and their acquisition of the relevant skills implies establishing and sustaining a continuous dialogue between a nurse and a patient. Thus, a nurse can learn about meeting the needs of diverse populations, while patients are educated about the essential issues regarding their health concerns. (Janes, 2014). As a result, the patient or his relatives absorb and form specific skills to meet the basic vital human needs.

Possible Solutions

It is essential to increase the quality of the educational environment to expand the role of secondary professional medical education in the activities of modern services, public health services. For this purpose, one will need to enhance the program and create a coherent methodology for supporting the participants and educating the target audience with the help of in-class and outdoor activities to boost creativity and make them proactive (Kiekkas, 2013). The problem of creating a coherent approach toward education quality management and teacher-student collaboration has tremendous importance. Perhaps, the problem can be addressed by improving the quality of the existing training programs for specialists, as well as providing economic support for teachers and redefining the image of secondary education in modern society (Yeo, 2014). In the implementation of the concept of continuing education of average medical workers, the leading role is also assigned to the departments of professional development, which represent a mediator between students and postgraduate training.


In conclusion, the problem of the drop in the number of nursing staff members has affected healthcare facilities all over the world. It is necessary for eliminating this problem to implement legal changes to the current healthcare system and especially the management of human resources. The proficiency of nurses is primarily determined by the levels of the health care system’s performance and how it is organized. The concept of human resources policy regarding the health care system identifies unresolved problems in human resources management and determines the need to develop criteria for assessing human resources necessary to create a measurement framework for evaluating nurses.


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