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Eastern Michigan University: American Humanics Program


The world economic conditions have undergone dynamic changes connected with globalization and technological transformations resulting in social and political instability. American Humanics was established for the purpose of meeting certain major issues in the nonprofit sector and to provide strong management and leadership. In EMU there is the nonprofit scholars program being an educational and skill developing one in the university. It helps the students to prepare to work effectively in the non profit careers impacting them in management and leadership skills development.

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The marketing project I was involved in was aimed at the annual marketing plan development being of great importance because of the information needed for the annual year. There are other major benefits of the project that includes efficient distribution of information, and future plan for marketing activities. I was one of the project team members and got a better chance of monitoring all the activities during the project. (Eastern Michigan University, 2008 a)

American Humanics background

American humanics was established in 1973 as an intensive educational symposium. It is a national alliance of higher educational institutions including universities and colleges and nonprofit organizations. Its major purpose is to provide a capstone experience in the nonprofit management and leadership education. It is usually involved in educating, preparing and certifying professionals to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations (Eastern Michigan University, 2008 a).

The vision of American humanics is preparation of future nonprofit management leaders through mentorship professionally and academically. The vision is achieved through organizations of seminar sand programs whereby they are trained on various leadership and management issues regarding nonprofit organizations. On the other hand the mission is to prepare and certify future nonprofit professionals to work with American youths in learning institutions and families. Through this program students and other members are given chance to develop skills in different areas that are valued in job market (Eastern Michigan University, 2008 a).

American humanics has world wide recognition and many projects in the society enhancing its complete participation in major state aspects. Since Eastern Michigan University is one of the institutions involved in the humanics, it discloses several marketing projects. The EMU has been involved in different projects marketing its products and providing aid in its mission achievement (Eastern Michigan University, 2008 b).

Marketing plan

The university uses nonprofit scholars programs funded by the annual budget that is usually set down of over $30,000. These funds are usually obtained from annual affiliation fees paid up by the members; contributions are made by the participants during different occasions, foundation grants, and endowment earnings (Eastern Michigan University, 2008 b).

Though the organization has limited staff, it employs effective measures to ensure that activities of the organization are very effective. There is one part-time staff assisted by the graduate assistants and other people offering support as volunteers in different activities (Schaumleffel, 2008).

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There are various aspects being the core ones for the success of the management team in the organization. The first thing is the proactive staff attitude towards the work and activities carried out through such activities. The second aspect is the diligent work approach displayed by the staff which has proved to be effective due to the fact that it helped the EMU to enjoy high achievements and success (Schaumleffel, 2008).

There are other aspects that play a major role in success of the management, taking of responsibility for all the members while commitment of the staff is considered to be key factor. Others include effective labor distribution, and task delegation; these factors have resulted in complete success of organization management. Organization of the management team also plays a great role in spirit of oneness and team work making all the members to be like a family working towards achieving common objectives (Schaumleffel, 2008).

Since marketing is very important in success of any organization whether profit making or nonprofit one, it is important to have a strong marketing system in place. In EMU American humanics marketing management has been centralized. Different marketing and advertising projects were carried out in order to increase the rate of students’ registration in American humanics in the university.

The projects and programs I managed to come up with included the development of marketing plan, brochure and posters. Different aspects explaining the marketing project were posted on information boards whereby they could be easily read by all students. We believed that after reading these materials many of them would be interested in study of American humanics in the university.

The marketing plan had two parts including marketing activities to be carried out and the implementation part of the project. The principle marketing activities included the annual marketing plan being based on project outline accompanied by great research works on different fields and comprising both primary and secondary sources.

One more aspect was the plan implementation; the brochure being developed and bulletin board distribution were implemented effectively. The key aim was to develop continuous connections and partnerships with the institution increasing the rate of involvement and recruitment (American Humanics, 2008).

Also in aid of the marketing project achievement a fundraising fashion show was conducted being the part of annual marketing plan on October 2nd 2008. It helped to raise funds as well as increase awareness of the American humanics in the university. Together with this there are also other many activities that were conducted as part of the marketing plan. They included educating and promoting international students in terms of American humanics program.

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The other activities we carried out in regards to marketing of the American humanics included distribution of brochures and pamphlets to different people. They are also placed in different departments; we managed to build communication notice boards that will enable people to access the information. During the marketing project I gained a lot of experience being involved in marketing plan tabling on behalf of the American humanics in the university. Also I managed to communicate with different departments to involve American Humanics news and blurbs in their newsletters.


Since there are programs offering certificate after completion, there is a great need of having an action plan in order to boost the recruitment process. This will enable recruitment of highly qualified professionals who will equip the members with high levels of skills and knowledge. Through this the organization will qualify competent leaders to take the marketing and other management positions in the organization. The action plan will also boost the involvement of the members and staffs helping in achieving the objectives and organization mission (American Humanics, 2008).

Additional marketing materials that can also be used include printing t-shirts with American humanics message among the members; the t-shirts can also be sold to other non-members as a way of encouraging them to register. Through t-shirts not only the members will be aware of the American humanics but also many people in the society will have a chance of getting the information easily. Activities organization in the university can involve a lot of people encouraging many of them to be AH members in order to understand more on the subject.


Implementation of the project was a great challenge due to the time consuming especially in research work. Time challenged the whole process since there were a lot of activities to be carried out in a limited period. The other great challenge was lack of enough human resources; time limitations also contributed a lot to this issue. There were no enough people to carry out all the activities effectively during the project. These challenges were overcome through team work, staff dedication and good management. Thus, the project appeared to be a complete success.


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