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Education and Innovation in the UAE

As concluded in the literature review, the education in the United Arab Emirates requires modernization and changes at every level. The proposed research will attempt to gather information concerning the modernization in the educational institutions of the UAE that has already been going on for some time and review its effects. The research will attempt to determine what positive and negative outcomes result from the modernization and innovative approach to education in the UAE.

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In order to collect all the relevant data, such research methods as content analysis and desk research. The former relies on the publications and broadcast programs, as well as posts online and news releases. The former includes the summaries of the published sources such as journal articles and books. The sources selected for this research will be found using a number of specifically chosen keywords.

There will be several inclusion criteria; for instance, the suitable sources will be published in the 21st century only, and they will focus on the situation in the UAE but not the other countries. Based on the information found in the sources, the outcomes of the education modernization and innovation will be gathered in two groups based on their quality – positive or negative. Further in the research structure, the discussion of the findings will be presented, and the implications for the field of education and the development of the UAE will be clarified.

Apart from the sources that were discussed in the annotated bibliography and literature review, there will be some more books, articles, and (possibly) websites presenting relevant and important information as to the process of the education modernization and its effects on the stakeholders and the system overall. For instance, the analysis of the review may also divide the sources based on the way they treat the subject – focusing on the bigger picture or studying specific details.

That way, the connection between the education modernization and the economic growth of the UAE explored by Rust, Portnoi, and Bagley (2010) and Abed and Hellyer (2001) could serve as the representation of the general approach. At the same time, the article by Macpherson, Kachelhoffer and El Nemr (2015) that reviews the modifications of leadership in the UAE education could be seen as a source focused on education particularly. Besides, such sources as the article about the issues in counselor education in the UAE by Al-Darmaki, Hassane, Ahammed, and Abdullah (2012) or the one by Britto, Yoshikawa, and Boller (2011) focusing on the early childhood education will be the most specific literature. That way, the positive and negative outcomes may be divided into more general and more specific as well.


This research will help create a better vision of the exact challenges the education system in the UAE has faced since the beginning of its modernization and development. Moreover, the study will locate, process, and include multiple perspectives of different researchers and that will create a space for the critical thinking. Also, the collection of academic and media information will help make the connections between the phenomena studied by the scholars and those reported on the news. Accordingly, the findings of the research will clarify the consequences of the education changes and their viability or clash with the needs of the modern population of the United Arab Emirates.


Abed, I., & Hellyer, P. (2001). United Arab Emirates: A New Perspective. London: Trident Press Ltd.

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Portnoi, L., Rust, V., & Bagley, S. (2010). Higher education, policy, and the global competition phenomenon. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

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