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Education for Native Americans: Difficulties

Theoretical Framework

The American educational system is developing in the field of support for all categories of the population. Thanks to this, Native Americans who live and study in their small communities have access to all the achievements of science. In particular, although the study of computer science was not popular among them, now they are making progress in this field as well. The attentive attitude of teachers and quality educational programs support this trend. This approach, for example, lies in the fact that much attention is paid to the cultural characteristics of students.

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Studying at Tribal colleges has a significant positive effect on Native American students. Researchers state that in the learning process in these institutions, much attention is paid to the development of student identity (Guardia, 2008). In addition, the acculturation process is important for them, since many Native Americans are not comfortable studying in ordinary universities. The issue of adult development is relevant as well since many people start education at a more mature age, and they also need a separate approach. Thus, education at Tribal Colleges and Universities provides many reasons for reflection and opportunities for the development of the educational system.


This study focuses on the difficulties that Native American students experience in mastering educational programs related to information technology and computer science. Discussed topics are both about the educational process as a whole and assimilation among other students. The paper also proposes means to increase the interest of Native Americans in these programs and create more comfortable conditions for them. In the course of the work, a literature review, a study of the current situation at TCU’s, and interviews with people who study there were conducted.

One of the most interesting facts is that many Native Americans studying in the IT/CS specialty are disposed to this. They have a high level of independence, developed intellectual abilities and ambitions. In addition, they seek to receive education, even if they do not have sufficient opportunities for this. Fortunately, TCU’s provide all possible assistance and have a very comfortable learning environment.

Even though there are not so many Native American students in the IT field, the trend suggests that the situation is changing. In recent years, there have been more and more of them, and this has had a positive effect on both themselves and society as a whole.

In this regard, several strategies will help the state and educational institutions in the current situation. First of all, it is necessary to support Native Americans and make education in technical fields more accessible and attractive to them. Also, during the education process, it is needed to take into account the personal characteristics of these people. It is crucial to work on their assimilation in the team, but also to respect individuality and support their own aspirations.

The study shows that there are currently positive changes in the education of Native Americans. It is also notable that TCUs are using various tools and methods to help these people feel comfortable during the educational process. As a consequence, people are more interested in gaining knowledge and prestigious work, and also have more opportunities for this. In the course of further research, it would be interesting to find out which of them continues to study in regular universities, and how comfortable they feel, how successful they become after. Thanks to this study, it would be possible to correct the current situation in other universities and grow many successful specialists.

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