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Education: Personal Statement

Dear Admission Committee of the Global Technology and Development Program,

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I want to present my statement of purpose for the application for an MSc in Global Technology and Development, Concentration in Applied International Development (GTD-AID) at Arizona State University. I have profoundly researched many degrees offered by several universities. However, only the Master of Science in Global Technology and Development at Arizona State University met my expectations and provided me with a broad overview of knowledge areas I can develop further. I aspire to be a successful professional in international development. I’m eager to be admitted and study in the program, applying my passion for information technology, quantitative analysis, and international relations. Further, I would like to highlight the experience and background I had to align with the program.

Today’s everchanging world that influences global business and organizations presents a challenge for professionals that must adapt quickly to changes. My passion for Global Technology and Development stems from my international background. I lived in the Middle East and the USA and witnessed how countries build technologies and relationships in unstable situations. Having over 14 years of experience in various organizations in the field of international development, I possess a broad knowledge of the utilization of IT technologies. I have a successful track record of projects’ realization in education management, stability and peacebuilding, social mobilization, and workforce development. Therefore, the MSc in Global Technology and Development program will help me develop knowledge in applied technologies and critical thinking to support socially responsible organizations implementing cutting-edge IT management systems.

Talking about my education capabilities, I want to highlight that I have recently received MiniMasters in the Global Supply Chain Management from Arizona State University with an A grade and scores above 90%. I gained online MBA training and development from the National Institute of Business Management, India, in 2018, and Doctor of Medicine from Kabul Medical University, Afghanistan, in 2006. While having a responsibility to feed my family, I tried to study whenever it was possible. Furthermore, I am proficient in Dari, Pashto, and English languages that emphasize my international exposure. The diversified experience can help me to understand concepts about global development and international political system that are core courses in the MSc in Global Technology and Development program.

From the program, I aim to gain solid skills in using concepts of innovations and recent advancements in different environments, primarily in non-government and business organizations. I also want to expand my skills in using statistical software for data analysis and to develop analytical skills in assessing economic, political, and social environments. I expect the new knowledge that I will get in the program to help me identify new opportunities for international development and apply relevant actions for affecting changes.

Finally, I want to highlight that my background in Afghanistan was challenging because I was born in a war zone and studied in a situation where there were no school facilities, books, or supporting materials. Although I experienced airstrikes and bomb explosions around the area where I lived, I tried to utilize any opportunity for studying. Therefore, the ability to study in such a recognized university as Arizona State University is was something that could not even dream of. Throughout my life, I developed resilience, worked hard, and I’m ready to apply my skills to study in the MSc in Global Technology and Development program at Arizona State University.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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