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Email, Voice, Business Communication

Effective use of email and instant messaging in business communication

When using email to communicate, the geographical and chronological constraints of communication media are invalidated. Thus, it is imperative to adhere to the necessary guidelines in a bid to promote the efficiency of the communication process. It is prudent to include the 5W’s of communication: who; where; when; what and why. By so doing, the recipients are able to respond to the instructions contained in the message. Emails should include a clear subject that acts as a guideline to what is contained in the message. Clarity and brevity are of utmost importance (Lehman, 150). Similarly, each email should contain a single piece of information in order to retain the weight of the contents.

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The effective use of voice and wireless technologies

Voice communication is an effective medium of communication since feedback is instant. However, the lack of permanent records in the absence of recording media presents a challenge. The use of voice communication should be restricted to appropriate venues to avoid public disturbances and invasion of privacy (Lehman, 170). Text messages are convenient as a means of passing short messages. However, the amount of information passed through short messaging services is limited and feedback is not instant. With the advancement in technology, most organizations are settling for wireless communication that offers improved security for information. The flexibility achieved during the transfer of voice and data messages has improved the appropriateness of wireless communication in business.

Use of technology in communication

As outlined by Lehman (p32), the ease of communication provided by technology exposes us to legal and ethical issues. The instances of invasion of privacy have been on an increase despite assurances by service providers that the security of content is guaranteed. The freedom of speech embedded in the constitution applies as two-way traffic. Therefore, organizations have to establish strict controls and security measures to protect sensitive information. As a result, password protection and encryption of documents have become common. Departments dealing with sensitive information have ethical and legal guidelines related to the use of the facility.

Describe the deductive outline for good news and routine information

For effective communication, the tone of a message should match the contents (Lehman, 206). For messages intended to deliver pleasant or routine news, the main idea is articulated first. This approach, the deductive approach, enables the reader to appreciate the purpose of the message in the first instance. By so doing, the message will capture the interest of the reader thus contributing to the success of the communication process. However, cultural and social differences on the global scale may dictate otherwise.

Preparation of messages that convey good news

According to (Lehman, 206) messages containing positive messages are best relayed using the deductive approach. The purpose of the message should appear as the first piece of information. By so doing, the writer will lay emphasis on the purpose of the message. The success of ‘thank you’ and appreciation messages is hinged on the ability to capture the individual’s attention at the earliest opportunity. Through the use of few words and direct sentences, such a message remains relevant and effective.


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