Emirates Airline: Arabian Adventures and Skywards


Based in Dubai, Arabian adventure is part of Leisure Management division and destination of Emirates airlines. It has major offices in Abu Dhabi and Fajita with associate companies based in the gulf.

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The company has more than 300 qualified and professional staff employees who provide professional services ranging from planning, transfers, giving contracts to hotels, resort arrangements and arrivals.

Dubai Stop Over

Dubai stop over was the original name of Arabian airline before it was re branded. The name however is still used to refer to short visit to Dubai. Arabian adventure has services for people transiting via Dubai for few days. They have stop over terminal 1 and 3 at Dubai international airport. Arrangements can be made to transfer clients to and from airport and hotels. Arabian adventures operates a 96 hour transit visas, tourist visa and arrangement can be made by Arabian adventure to organize a hotel of client’s choice or serviced apartment. The main aim of this package is to promote and market Dubai as a tourist destination.


Arabian airline has specialized in leisure travel services, meetings, Incentives and events, Cruise services and cooperate events.

Leisure travel services

It’s a business unit that is managed by experts who understand the needs of groups and addresses them accordingly. The unit has well trained guides and drivers who are multi lingual and highly professional. The professionals assist in booking facilities for tours and safaris. The Unit has 5 campsites with capacity ranging from 10 to 500 people. Bespoke option is also provided in this package. The staffs at leisure service have been commended for having an in-depth knowledge about the locality of United Arab Emirates and this has been helpful in providing in-depth information to clients. Fleet and liveried vehicles have been useful in providing quality service.

Under Leisure and travel services, several packages have been designed to suite customers needs. Single application solution is an example of this package. The package comprises of visa application and processing, hotel reservation, arrivals, contraction resort and hotels, excursions and safari operation. Event management falls under this department. Size and support also falls under this service and it involves sight seeing tours, safaris, overland explorations excursion and interesting activities.

Incentive travel

Arabian airline has a creative approach in ensuring that it delivers high level services. Incentive travel is meant to for cooperate travel derive pleasure as they enjoy cooperate activities. This programme is ideal for companies rewarding their employees for hard work or for team building exercises. The programme has tailor made packages which is meant to reduce the expenditure of cooperate organization on tour.

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Co operate events

This category creates innovative programmes for small firms and large cooperate institutions. This category comprises of Gala dinner, Team building activities, VIP visits and launches.

Cooperate events has a team of professionals involved in searching for appropriate venues and locating sites. They assist in logistic management and administer creative input during the outdoor activities. They also provide professional assistance in budget control as well as arranging for accommodation.

Types of events in this programme include Bespoke, product launches, Annual staff parties, Gala events, Family days and executive meetings. The ranges of services include Event management, Venue and location scouting, Catering, accommodation, meetings and incentive events.

The package involves creative approach due to high profile clients who turn up for meetings and schedules. Quality and safety is always guaranteed while these activities are planned. This facility comprises high standard fleet of 100 vehicles. These include Mercedes Benz, Luxury touring coaches, Toyota land cruisers, Chevrolet Talue off road vehicles and private sedans.

Popular tours and approximate budgets

Most popular tourist attraction centers include Sand riders, Boating adventure, Adventure at the Atlantis, Silks spice and Gold. Boating ride would cost an adult an average of AED 200 and AED 150 for a child. Sand rider on the other hand, depending on the size would cost a tourist between AED 495 and 695.Depending on the depth of water, Dolphin encounter ranges fro AED 170 to 950 for adults and 150 to 800 for children.

Customer care

An Arabian adventure has one of the leading customer care services and has won some prestigious awards for the same. Customer care service handles complains and irregularities rose by customers and provides necessary solutions. It has a customer feedback programmes which ensures that the company is aligned to customer’s satisfaction and requirements. The unit also ensures that the safety and health standards are high.


With a wide range of leisure activities, United Arab Emirates stands a better chance of being the best tourist destination in the world. Arab Adventures has done much in marketing United Arab Emirate.

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The organization and strategies used at Arabian adventures is one of the best. The strategies have marketed United Arab Emirates in a positive way. The programme has improved tourism in the United Arab Emirates which has become a choice for many tourists.

Introduction to Skyward

Also known as Origin destination is a reward programme for Emirates. The programme was established in 2000 with an aim of rewarding loyal customers to Emirates and partners. The programme has attracted over members across the globe with more than 200 countries being represented.


Rewards: Any client using Emirate, partner companies or those who participate through leisure, hotels and financial institutions or car hire and rentals is eligible for skyward award. All members begin at Skyward blue levels at no charge. A member is eligible to one card only. A customer gets membership pack after two return trips in the economy class. The same is also possible when a customer has had one return trip in business or first class. This is in Emirate Flight Company and partners.

Coordinating travels: Skyward manages travels arrangements on behalf of the client. The client is required to nominate a travel coordinator who manages skywards related travel plans, check stored flight itineraries, keep ay to day record of mileage balance and update the customers seating, meals and drinks.

Facilitating Earning of Miles: Skywards facilitates earning of miles when client travels using Emirates flight or with partner airlines

Rewards and programmes

Skyward has a rewarding system here a clients earns Skyward miles. These miles are redeemable after a certain period of time. The skyward miles are attained and earned by counting the fares purchased, Cabin and zone of travel. They are also earned by through leisure, car rental, airlines, hotels and financial partners.

One requires to key in the 9 digit membership number at the time of making reservation. These digits must match the names on the credit card and account number.

There is a provision for accelerators on this package which enables customer’s points to rise faster. One can nominate up to 8 members of the family and 20% of their miles can be added to the customer’s card.

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A tier mile is another reward system that enables the client move and maintains a higher status of Skyward rewards system. A tier client has exclusive rewards and benefits which help him move to skyward Gold and Silver level. These units of rewards are valid for 13months.Silver reward is attained when a client has attained 25 000 miles in a period of 12 months while Gold is reached when a client has attained 50 000 miles in 12 month consecutive window. This rewards apply to when a customer uses partner airlines like Japan airlines, Jet airways, Korean air, King fisher airlines and south African Airways.


Communication plays an important role in ensuring that a client is well informed. This usually occurs on daily basis. Communication to members is done to inform them on new products and upcoming events. It is done to customers to encourage those who may have not joined to so. Communication is also done to the whole world so as to market the skyward programmes. It is mainly done through the official website of Skyward. Skypedia is a communication system which plays a big role in keeping the client informed. It has all features related to Skywards products, news and events. One is required to create an account for him to be able to access the site. Magazines and journals on skyward have been published to market skyward products. These pass vital information to the skyward members, and potential clients.


Skyward has tailored made programmes and events for its members and clients. They range from simple to complex events. Some of the events are community outreach programmes like sporting events, while others are Company events like launch of new products. Some of the being events ever organized by skyward programmes include Thanks to a million at Dubai World cup, Card design completion for the world, Skyward Jazz festivals. Launch of new products included the launch of Airbus 380.Some Skyward members are given the privilege and priority to attend some of these events at no cost or at a subsidized cost

Invitation Only (I.O.)

This is the greatest and highly prestigious tier in skyward programme. As skyward organizes for events and rewards, Preference are given to few chosen clients who have the highest skywards miles. These members are invited in highly prestigious functions with high status guests and few chosen media houses. They are entitled to business class seat on Emirate airline flights and upon arrival, they are picked and dropped in a chauffeur driven Range rovers which are flagged by “High Value Customer” (HVC) tag.

Service delivery

Skyward has specific services offered by skyward journey management. These services ensure that a member enjoys to the maximum. These services are rendered before the flight, during the flight and at arrival.

Before the flight, skyward member is assisted in planning for the trip. Seat reservation is guaranteed in the airline of customer’s choice. Skyward member before the fight, can book Emirates rewards online, be entitled to special member offers which are not available to non member and can access global partner at no cost. Redeeming points from partners is also allowed.

Upon arrival at the airport, a member is entitled to E gate privileges, instant upgrades, lounge access, priority check in and excess luggage allowance.

At Skyward member destination, a member is entitled to priority luggage delivery where he is able to collect his luggage business class member.


Emirates have a rich clientele network. This is due to partner companies who are resourceful in providing rich network. Some partner airlines that provide 1 skyward mile per Mile flown include Alaska airlines, Korean air, Jet blue, South African airways and King fisher.

Hotels which render skywards services include Hilton, Emirates Wolgan, Hyatt Hotels, Rezidor, Tay and Swiss hotels.

Leisure and travel also play an important role in rewarding customers. Arabian adventure

Car rental examples are Budget and Sixt car rentals and Hertz car hire.

Financial institutions include Citibank, Abu Dhabi bank Al Ahli bank, Commercial bank and Standard chartered bank of Dubai,


The nucleus of Emirates group is the finance department. It is a department with advanced technological system.

Finance team manages reports and statistical data for Emirates team including skyward programmes. It initiates projects, design annual budgets for Emirate group and partner companies. Financial reports have shown that Banks are the leading in revenue collection of over 90% of Skywards Company.


The financial department plays an important role in showing the position of skyward group. Figures generated from sales, Miles travels clearly indicate whether the company is operating at a profit or not. The figures show exactly the number of customers who are members of skyward team. This is helpful in planning and coming up with strategies and plans for the next course of action.


As the finance department is working on the financial analysis, the audit department authenticates the report. This audit team helps the finance department in laying down strategies and advices on how points should be redeemed. The audit analyses the all the transactions at the offices, banks, partner companies and the web site to determine the accuracy of the figures given by the finance department. Fraud is usually detected at this point.

Arab community team

This is a group of specialist in the community who work hand in hand with customer care department to the welfare of skyward members is safeguarded. This team handles complains forwarded by Casa, a skyward member. Usually offer to assist skyward members settle in there clubs or hotels. They break communication barrier by translating letters in proper Arabic. They also ensure that data is of high quality by performing clerical duties like checking name changes, ensuring that names on the cards are clear and add emails to skyward members.

Relationship management

A unit in skyward team that ensures quality service and relationship between skywards members and the company is good. The team comes with ideas on how to attract and maintain customers by initiating more business opportunities to bring more benefits to members.


Emirates airline is one of the leading companies in the world and this has been enabled by Skyward rewarding System. Customers have the value for their money and research as shown that most clients are happy with the services rendered by Skyward.

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