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Employee Benefits in Today’s Work Environment

What aspects of the Jones Investments benefits program are likely to appeal to Aden?

Subsidized meals at the company will be appealing because they provide an immediate cost-saving benefit to the potential employee. The allowance of time off for attending classes will also be most appealing because it gives the potential candidate a window to enjoy the payment for tuition that the company offers. These benefits will be most appealing to Aden because they resonate with his present lifestyle demands of conditioning for short-term results (Rappaport and Barocas 19).

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Besides, the five days given as sick leave will be appealing because they are effective from the first year in the same way as the 10 paid holidays per year. Aden does not have to commit to additional contract or employment terms to enjoy these benefits. In addition, they are enticing enough to counter some other conditions that Aden may present as his arguments. For example, having scored highly in GPA and demonstrating a good work ethic, he may demand higher gross pay. These benefits can easily be computed. It is practical for a candidate to add them to net pay to realize that the company is offering good compensation (Wu 36).

What aspects of the Jones benefits package would likely be the least appealing to Aden?

Aden would be attracted to opportunities for career development due to being a new job entrant without any managerial positions. An employee benefit that is pegged on retirement will be the least appealing for Aden, who is just getting into his first job. Even though the benefit of health cover and dental plans is good, it depends on the health condition of Aden. Assuming that Aden is healthy and does not have significant health risks, his options for enjoying the benefits of health coverage are limited (Kwon 35).

Aden is also likely to maintain a short-term or medium-term perspective for his new job and would, therefore, concentrates on the most immediate benefits coming in a few years. He might be considering the job as a stepping-stone and would like to keep options open (Yeganeh and Su 2609). The benefits available in a few years such as the two weeks paid vacation after a two-year stay will be less appealing compared to the immediately effective ten paid holidays.

In today’s work environment, what other benefits offered by employers might be attractive to Aden, Why?

Employees are spending more time on their jobs and employers are recognizing that the provision of other social amenities within work premises works well to bridge the work-life gap and boost employee motivation. Aden would be attracted to facilities like a gym, massage services, laundry, and even car wash. While the company might not be able to offer these services at its premises, it can liaise with service providers to offer subsidies to its staff for these services and arrange for their delivery at or near the workplace.

According to a report by Forbes, Costco is one of the high-ranking companies in the U.S. for its compensation and benefits package. Among its unique benefits is a prescription drug plan, which employees can use immediately for purchases that are as low as $5, and contraceptives are included. The company is responsive to the lifestyle needs of its employees. The same report shows that Google offers free buses for picking employees (Adams par. 3-8).

These examples show that companies have to think about everyday features that their employees require and then incorporate them as benefits to make their workplaces attractive to young workers (Howe 8). Millennial generation employees may place a higher score on immediate tangible benefits because they are still eyeing other career development goals and understand that learning can give them opportunities for promotion with new benefits (Howe 8-10).

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