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Evaluation Thailand as a Tourist Destination


This paper is going to discuss Thailand as a tourist destination. This paper aims to give a description and evaluation of Thailand and how in my view it is one of the best tourist destinations that I have ever visited. This paper will discuss Thailand in terms of the beaches in the islands, the diving sites, and the sea. This paper will also discuss the food and the shopping experience.

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Thailand is a source of different attractions. The diving sites of Thailand are so dazzling and magnificent that tourists come all the way to experience them. Thailand is also the home of many tropical islands. These islands give a serene view and anyone who has not experienced this is surely missing out on the best place. Imagine crossing the islands in a boat while enjoying the sunshine. The beautiful beaches and islands have made diving to be liked by many people as they are amid the seawater and the corals which are an amazing sight. “ The sea visibility in some places of Thailand means talking about distances of up to 30 meters; the sights of underwater mountains, coral gardens, undersea rock formations, hard and soft coral, whale sharks, silvertip sharks, manta rays and even sunken battleships”(Lennon, 124).

Thai cuisine

According to Beaver (90), “Thai cuisine has become deservedly famous worldwide with its enthusiastic use of fresh herbs and spices. From an inexpensive plate of delicious Somtam at a simple street stall upcountry to a modern take on Thai cuisine in the gourmet restaurants of Bangkok, it’s very difficult not to eat well in Thailand”. This cuisine is well known for the spices which add a rich taste to the food. The traditional food was eaten using hands specifically the right hand. As a sign of kindness, the food is served more than the number of people at the dining table can eat. It is the use of herbs that makes the cuisine unique as they add a special aroma and taste.


Even the greatest misers cannot resist the allure of shopping in this place. The capital city of Thailand which is Bangkok is famous because of the numerous malls that it has. According to Lennon (23) “It is possibly the largest market in the world, selling everything from household items to live, and sometimes endangered animals”. The Silom area is full of night markets that mainly target tourists. These markets offer the best experience to visitors. Here one is sure to find handicrafts, sunglasses, and many other items on offer. Around the city of Bangkok, there are many floating markets for example in Damnoen Saduak. The greatest shopping experience in Chiang Mai is the ‘walking street market’ which is held on Sunday evenings. Theobald (59) observes that “the ‘Night Bazaar’ is Chiang Mai’s more tourist orientated market, sprawling over several city blocks just east of the old city walls towards the river”


This paper has discussed Thailand as a tourism destination spot. This paper has given a vivid description of Thailand showing why it is a popular place to visit. The physical description of Thailand has been explained in this paper. The food and the shopping experience have been described as the major highlight of Thailand.

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Theobald, William. Global Tourism Oxford: Butterworth–Heinemann, 1998.

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