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Expert Letter from an Assistant Manager

Dear Immigration Officer,

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My name is Katherine Chiao, and I am an Assistant Manager in the CRM department at Officine Panerai. I have earned a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing at New York University. This letter is written in support of Ms. Wang regarding her educational training and future role as the CRM, Search Marketing, and Analytics Specialist at J Mason Inc.

Customer relationship management encompasses a variety of business practices and strategies for managing and analyzing customer interactions. CRM data analysts study customer relationship data within the business sector and develop tactical strategies based on their investigations. As a minimum requirement, the employers emphasize the need for a bachelor’s degree and experience in marketing or analysis to start working in this industry. Concerning the entry-level position as a CRM data analyst, the essential educational minimum implies a bachelor’s degree in marketing, computer science, or a closely related field. Many employers might also prefer candidates who obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

The highly technical and complex nature of the work responsibilities needs the employees to have a sufficient set of skills that can be acquired through proper education. CRM data analysts must be qualified professionals in using the analytical and technical software, including SEMrush, Google Analytics, and computing language such as SQL. They are also obliged to know how to develop a customer database and query in various software programs. Therefore, one will lack the adequate expertise needed to perform the assigned tasks without a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a closely related field. The coursework that I completed in the NYU Integrated Marketing program was necessary to acquire proper skills in integrated marketing, competitive strategy, digital marketing, web analytics, statistical management, and database management. The specialized knowledge and skillsets gained from this coursework were vital in helping me perform my daily work-related duties as a CRM Assistant Manager.

My daily tasks primarily include developing and tracking campaigns for customer acquisition and retention. However, the successful automation of these campaigns is not about sending the same email to the entire group engaged in a particular campaign. Such professional obligation encompasses personalized, keywords specific, well-written messages that adapt based on the actions performed by different users. It is important to demonstrate an analytical mindset and strategic thinking to design enough variations. My job also involves maintaining and updating the client database, which requires a thorough understanding of the database system that I learned from my statistical and database management coursework.

The knowledge received at the Integrated Marketing program prepared me for the position of Assistant Manager at the CRM department at Officine Panerai and my past work experience as a CRM Analyst at Giorgio Armani. With that said, I believe that Ms. Wang’s education at NYU’s Integrated Marketing program also trained her to excel at her role as a CRM, Search Marketing, and Analytics Specialist at J Mason Inc. I genuinely hope that the above establish your satisfaction with this specialty occupation. I am convinced that, based on Ms. Wang’s academic achievements, professional accomplishments, and unique abilities, her case for an H-1B classification should be deemed acceptable. Please refer to my resume for my qualifications and feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss Ms. Wang’s CRM, Search Marketing and Analytics Specialist role as a specialty occupation.


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Katherine Chiao.

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