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Extrovert and Introvert Comparison

Being an extrovert is encouraged and considered normal in modern society. Many kinds of social events, educational settings, and work environments are built in a manner that requires people to be communicative and open. However, many people feel uncomfortable when forced into social activity and interaction; those people are introverts. As the author of the article states, extroverts are overrated because being an introvert has many advantages in comparison to being an extrovert in modern society.

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Firstly, when looking globally, introverts have the advantage of being in more control over situations because they are not driven by much emotion. Extroverts, on the other hand, are born in a way that requires more emotional drive in their life, which is why they are risk-takers. As an example from the article, one might introduce the financial crises and their causes. Indeed, when a leader is introverted, the financial situation is more likely to be led without trouble while extroverts make risky financial decisions. Secondly, introverts have the advantage of being more effective and efficient in their work.

Indeed, as compared to extroverts who might spend much time brainstorming and meeting, introverts devote that time to actual work, which allows them to achieve better results faster. Thirdly, a significant advantage of introverts in comparison to extroverts is their ability to listen to others, which leads to accumulating ideas and assessing risks more thoroughly. Extroverts are less likely to listen and make thought-through decisions. This characteristic is decisive in business leadership, where an introverted leader has more chances of having stability and resilience in his or her company.

Thus, the comparison of introvert and extrovert characteristics show that extroverts are overrated. Although introverts are shy and uncomfortable in social situations, they are more effective at work, take fewer risks, and are good listeners. All these characteristics serve as advantages in comparison to loud, talkative, and risk-taking extroverts. Therefore, being an introvert might be a valuable feature for a person who wants to be successful in his or her way. After all, either an extrovert or an introvert, this is how people are born; it is important to follow one’s natural inclinations to achieve the heights of one’s potential.

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