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Factors Important For Looking for a New Job


Looking for a new job can be a difficult and frustrating task. One should pay attention to a lot of moments that influence the choice. Considering a new position is a time-consuming mission. Everyone must be sure that he or she has not wasted time for vain thinking. All people have personal preferences about the vacancies; nevertheless, there are common factors that are significant for everyone, namely earnings, opportunities for promotion, and personal importance for the organization.

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The analysis of Chad Brooks’ article

The article entitled “Wait! 5 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job” was published online on July, 9 in 2014 on the website Business News Daily. The author of the article is Chad Brooks. He provides readers with information about the results of Spherion Staffing Services’ survey considering the pros and cons of changing employer and key points that are worth allowing for while applying for a new job. According to Brooks (2014), choosing a new company does not always mean a successful advancement. In the following part, the author introduces the fact that almost sixty percent of workers have agreed that the best career progress is possible with one organization. Besides, they have concluded that changing an occupation every five years may do harm to the long-term career. The primary advantage of staying with one employer lies in the fact that the company will give preference to the dedicated workers during layoffs. Then Chad Brooks dwells on the significant aspects concerning the choice of a new position. Compensation is the first thing to take into account. Every candidate should receive fair pay that is equal to qualifications. The next factor is the feeling of personal value in the company. That is a great motivation for everyone as far as it enhances the worker’s self-appraisal and readiness to work hard. The third feature is the future collective. One should not forget about the culture of the company. It is advisable to do research and find out whether the company’s activity meets one’s expectations. The last issue refers to the opportunities for advancement. There is no point in choosing a position if a new one cannot guarantee promotion opportunities.

In my opinion, the article is of great magnitude for every employee. It ascertains the crucial factors concerning the choice of job. However, there are things I find rather controversial. For instance, some people are interested only in earning money without making a lot of effort. That is why such factor as opportunities for promotion is not valuable for them.

The analysis of Chris Passas’ article

“Most Important Factors in Looking for a Job” is the second article that was written on July, 7 in 2015 by Chris Passas. The author discusses four common factors everyone should pay attention to while applying for a new position. Passas (2015) states that salary, commuting, career advancement, and the level of independence are the key points. One should make it clear whether the company offers incentive pay and what exact type of job one has to perform. A candidate should not choose the position if something about it seems unsatisfactory. Daily commuting is one more issue to think over carefully. One has to calculate what part of the salary is to be spent on getting to the office. People forget about that factor very often. It is of great significance to bear it in mind before accepting a job otherwise a chosen position may turn into a nightmare. Chris Passas considers possible career promotion, fair evaluation of talent and performance, as well as working in a positive environment to be good options for the job. That is the fourth factor. It is up to the candidate to clarify what colleagues’ skills are to be managed and if he or she has the necessary abilities and qualifications to implement the job successfully. The last factor deals with independence. Passas introduces the opinion that not all workers are ready to become supervisors while others cannot help being managed. Thus, it is the primary task of any candidate to find out whether the job includes working on projects, communicating with clients, or building up new strategies. In addition, every candidate should define the priorities concerning the desire to become a valuable employee or just execute everyday work without much commotion.

I find this article more informative than the previous one as far as it includes additional aspects. Though Passas dwells on only four factors, he manages to cover all important facets of changing the working place. I like the author’s manner of presenting the information. It is fair and not idealized. He understands that all people have their own preferences and goals concerning the occupation.


Both articles familiarize readers with general factors to consider when applying for the job. The provided information facilitates the process of job search for every employee. Having analyzed the content of the articles, one may come to the conclusion that earnings, possible career promotion, and the role in the company are the most significant factors to take into consideration while looking for a new job.


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Passas, C. (2015). Most Important Factors in Looking for a Job. Web.

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