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Fairy Tales Teaches Readers

Fairy tales have a significant impact on the reader. They help to develop such personal qualities as selflessness, willpower, and sincerity. A fairy tale teaches readers that no matter what difficulties may occur in life, better things triumph over evil. Through characters, the author shows that people need to always believe in themselves and follow their dreams and goals.

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Presenting the similarities of such fairy tales as “Cinderella” and “Beauty and the Beast” can illustrate how good motives and selflessness prevail over all the heroines’ difficulties. The first similarity between Cinderella and Belle is their position in their families. Even though Cinderella’s father was a nobleman, she was turned into a servant because of her stepmother, and it was not easy to call her a member of the family. The girl slept in the attic, while her sisters slept in luxurious rooms. Belle originally came from the family of an impoverished merchant, and she, like Cinderella, was not liked by her sisters (Perrault “Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault” 72). Thus, both girls were like outcasts in their families.

The second similarity in both stories is the presence of an element that almost no fairy tale can do without, magic. In Belle’s case, the prince and the castle, in which he was living in, were enchanted. The girl managed to break the spell, and the fairy appointed Belle to be the Queen of the castle and turned the evil sisters into stone statues for their bad behavior (Perrault “Beauty and the Beast” 17). Cinderella’s main assistant and guardian was her good fairy godmother, who, by her magic, gathered her to the ball, where she met the prince.

Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast are fairy tales about kind and beautiful girls who, despite all the intrigues and trials of fate, found true love and turned into true princess with a castle and a prince. These fairy tales teach kindness, sensitivity, charity, and hard work. They show that good will always triumph over evil, and a virtuous person will be rewarded according to their merits.

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