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Fictional Memoir of Kerry Brodie

My journey began in childhood when I learned to cook with my grandmother. I always liked to get new skills and be close to people, so this process has become one of my favorite activities. However, years passed, and we spent less and less time together. I had new things to do with studies, personal life, sports, and other activities. At some point, perhaps, I began to forget what was important to me. Even while working in public policy, despite the importance of my work, I often felt that I was too impatient. It was necessary to choose something else to unlock my potential.

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However, the topic of social equality and justice has always remained important to me. My dream was to allow different people to communicate on equal terms because everyone deserves it. I thought for a long time about how to realize this dream and become truly useful to a large number of people, bringing changes to their lives. At some point, I realized how food could bring people together. First, this is one of the most critical aspects of human existence. Second, many people have some experience of cooking together with loved ones. Third, culinary skills are quite easy to learn, so anyone can be taught this.

I cannot say that right after this idea came to my mind, I started to act. I tend to be accurate and thoughtful, so I planned this journey. I paid attention to various details, including the employment of people and the facility where they will study. I needed to make this project work well so that it could be beneficial. It may look like indecision from the outside, but in reality, I was full of readiness and confidence in my idea.

Then, having thought over and settled everything, I hit the road. My destination was New York, a city full of people and opportunities. Indeed, at first, it was scary, but still extremely interesting. I was enthusiastic because my idea seemed meaningful to me. As it turned out later, it was so: people needed my work. However, before starting, I had to visit the culinary school myself. This was another point in my route, and I successfully passed this stage.

So, the end of my journey is a functioning organization that allows refugees to master culinary science and thereby find a job. I am convinced that every day of its work is worth the effort. Despite all the difficulties and challenges associated with it, this project has become significant for society. I see this myself, but it is even more vital for me to get feedback from the grateful people we help.

My journey is not yet finished at all. Now I have many opportunities for the development of what I am doing. In addition, meeting every new person in Emma’s Torch is an integral part of the journey. Each of them has a story, and we learn from each other’s lives. This all keeps arousing my interest and will probably never stop. I feel in my place on this path, and I think that I am developing, giving people the skills necessary for life, and making the world a better place. This journey makes me and those around me happy, and I am glad that I once started it.

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