Five Elements of Communication Process

The five elements of the communication process are (1) a sender; (2) a message; (3) a channel; (4) a receiver; and (5) the outcome of the receiver (Kitson, Marshall, Bassett, & Zeitz, 2013). A sender is a person who is willing to convey a message. A message is a very idea that the sender wants to convey. A channel implicates the method of message conveying. A receiver is a person who is intended to be the audience for the message. The outcome or effect of the receiver is the impact that the message has on the receiver identifying whether he or she has received and was able to comprehend the message. Effective communication occurs when the effect of the receiver has met the expectations of the sender (Kitson et al., 2013).

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Addressing the measures that one can implement to improve his or her communication, it is significant to note that the speaker should focus on the impact of the conveyed messages on the receiver. To ensure the ultimate result, one needs to study the needs of the audience and adapt the speaking style and communicational approach to the needs of the recipient (Kitson et al., 2013). To illustrate, if a nursing professional aims to educate a patient suffering from acute bronchitis about the measures that would help him improve his condition, this specialist will need to reflect on the patient’s educational background. For instance, if the patient is a high school graduate and has no background in medicine, the nurse will strive to use only the general terms and simple language without the specific concepts implemented in health care.

Health care professionals should be concerned about the communicational process because the patients’ outcomes depend on education to a large extent (Kitson et al., 2013). Ultimately, health care is an integrative process including medication and lifestyle modification.


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